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If the president of Russia, Vladimir Putinesperaba para conmemorar el Victoria Day the moon celebrating the capture or ranking of the los Last Ukrainian defenders of Mariúpolin Zoom, the app of your commands suggested that it tends to wait.

Hablando in a long press conference of the domingo line, an intelligence officer of the Azov regime chanting in the enormous Azovstal steel fiber of the port city of the surest rendirse equivaldría a un suicidio y that only adequate firearms and ammunition to aguantar un tiempo todavía.

Describing each other as more sombrero, and most likely in the last instance, circus constancies desperadas, Illia Samoilenko tamed by clawing amargura with the Ukrainian goblin in Kiev tenia, dijo, fracas in its defense of the south of Ukraine Russia has made much more rapid progress than in the northand had abandoned the Mariupol border crossing and left.

“Rendezvous is not an option because Russia is not interested in any of the screws,” said Samoilenko, arguing that Moscow could not allow vivir debit to the criminals of the war who were Habitans. “Basically we are here as dead men. The majority of our people are like this and that is why we are like a medium ”, commented.

Hablando, following the Zoom briefing session with Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolyak, said that “every presidential conversation with foreign leaders and international organizations and companies with Azovstal.”

La Mariupol defense has been constantly questionedin part because the city is fundamental to Russia’s capacity to oversee the reconstruction of the eastern Donbas region because of its security, and to establish a terror corridor between mainland Russia and Crimea, annexing Ukraine in 2014.

La city ​​either sideways partly littered by the bombers carrying the acid, with civilians fighting for access to food, electricity and water, and the ultimate reductions of the Ukrainian defense are now in the power plant. All the women and children who set up bunkers on the site during the week have been evacuated.

Domingo, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Construction and Regional Development, Marat Khusnullin, told the Telegram channel that he wanted to visit Mariupol and other recent “liberated” people from Ukraine. “Hay mucho trabajo por hacer”, dijo.

Moscow is preparing for its annual military parade to commemorate its victory over Nazi Germany in the world La Segunda Guerrawith algae type of parade también esperado in Mariupol.

Samoilenko says that the Azovstal aerial bombardment and artillery continued the doming and they intensified from the evacuated civilians. It is alleged that the Russian forces established small groups in the area. 100 tropes of land to reach the plant. “Estamos listos”, says Samoilenko, when the question arises as to where the term has ended.

Rated in the tunnels

At the same time, offering a military rescue, which reconciles, tardarises the masses against the Russian defenses becomes stable. Llamó a las naciones a detener in the middle of Russia and ideally a way to ensure the security of the evacuation regime al territory controlled by Ukraine.

Aggregate the brutal and emerging image of the screw in the labyrinth of tunnels and subterranean refuges of Azovstal.

Samoilenko describes how civilians were killed by bunker bastards who were being beaten by Russian bombers, as well as herded soldiers killed by pneumonia and other causes caused by pollen and killed in the improvised subterranean plant field.

The Azov regime, a voluntary militia militia in Ukraine’s La Guardia National, which also used Wolfsangel’s Medieval Insignia, has infiltrated the Nazi alliances of the German SS, as well as a propaganda band for Putin’s affirmations. Nazisificando ”Ukraine.

It is probable that they would fly to Moscow during the parade. As it turns out in a fast-moving displacement chat that joined a YouTube feed of the Azov Zoom blade, which at the moment was about 35 miles from the spectators, many Ukrainians now considering the regime as heroes by their obstruction defense of Mariupol.

Serhiy Kuzmenko’s assassin, who was one of the last to evacuate civilian groups from the plant, is in the news. “Even if it’s not good or bad, we’re not going to get over itSaid Kuzmenko on Saturday.

Al principio, en Azov, las tropas traceon’s provisional provisions of coma and pa paraals for children, algunos con alrededor año de edad. Kuzmenko’s shadow has no eyes. It is hoped that when the coma ends in the March finals, the entries of the soldiers are systematically convincing.

“Cada tres o quatro días nos traían komida, avena, pasta”, said Kuzmenko by Zoom. “We do not have a generator, we do not charge batteries”. Cocinar la Unica comida al día wardartida entre las 70 personas share e búnker de Kuzmenko se hizo a cantaros, dijo.

Algunos días la exploses de arriba esparcirían pedazos de yeso de la pared, polvo y otrino en la komida. Including the bombers, the subterranean environment was unbearable and Kuzmenko, 31 years old, now has his own lungs in his shadow.

When asked what type of mission to rescue the gourd, Samoilenko says all ukranian brigades deberían take an advance from Zaporizhzhia, more than 200 km from Mariúpol, directly. This includes reconciling that recording months to attract Russian defenses are being prepared.

Por eso, dijo Samoilenko, the regime is supported by a foreign policy policy. Llamó afuera países a intervenir y encontrar una manera. “There is no difference between Russia and Russia,” said Samoilenko. “In reality it is only parasitic and luxurious, parasitic and pelear.”


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