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Ukrainian President Zelenski is “as accountable as Putin” for the conflict in Ukraine, said Brazilian ex-prime minister Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in an interview with Time magazine that caused much controversy, not only in Brazil. Según Lula, “en guerra no hay solamente un culpable”. Lula, a favorite in the Brazilian presidency in October, described the invasion as “error” and Zelenski’s accusation that no one negotiated the suffix: The leader of the 76-year-old Brazilian elite criticizes the post of United States and its president, Joe Biden. “The United States has a very large peso, and it (Biden) has been trying to evade it (the conflict), in a estimating way. the act that is expected of a leader “, said Lula.

Criticism that Occidente did not negotiate sufficiently with Putin and, rather, with Tanto, is now responsibly responsive to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he said, in a more moderate tone, in recent statements by Pope Francis on the Italian diary. Corriere della Sera. The Pontifical Summit claims that it has to travel to Moscow to talk to Putin and treat him well in the war. Questioning the causes of the conflict, the Catholic leader said that the Kremlin’s “ira” had been “facilitated” by “OTAN’s ladders at the gates of Russia”.

The allusion to the expansion of OTAN hacia is that Europe is deprived of the Soviet Union and at the end of the Warsaw Pact is seen by many Western critics as one of the razors that conducts the Russian invasion. Basic critical words can be found including in United States.

The “tiers” abrazos from Washington to Latin America

In one column column for The American Conservative, Conservative analyst Doug Bandow criticized the Western version of Ukraine’s defense of the defense and said sarcastically: “¿Ha crego alguna vez United States que sus vecinos tendrían derecho a ejercer su soberanía sin límites?” He added: “The Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz describes an egg and a piece of land that divides its territory through an imperialist invasion of the United States, with the words’ Tan leios de Dios, tan cerca de Estados Unid“. Algo parecido ocur “Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama, Granada, Venezuela and Colombia, among others.

Washington’s deskfianza y y por por tanto, también hacia la OTAN, está, debido a la experiencaraa, much much extended to Latin America that, for example, in Europe. The malestar generalized in many Latin American countries against this war in the European Union has its echo in the contradictions of the goblins that, because a ladder, condensing the war, pero, at the same time, is classified as “neutral” or not las saniones de Occidente contra Rusia.

The “neutrality” of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina

The position of the three Latin American members of the Veinte Group (G20) is specially accessible in the context of the intent of the EU. from aislar to Russia at the international level. Indonesia declares itself excluded from Russia since the G20 summit, ahead of November near Bali island, despite EE pressure. UU. And other western countries.

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, reiterated in various ways the “neutrality” of the country in the war between Russia and Ukraine. “No tomaremos partido”, said the president of the extreme stage in the April finals. “Queremos la paz, pero ne queremos que haya consequence for our nosotros”. Bolsonaro says that Brazil is “very dependent” on Russian fertilizers.

The case of Mexico is similar. The disintegration of the Mexican president by foreign policy coincides. López Obrador is finally finalizing the moon on its way from the outside to the Central American countries of Cuba. It is best not to run in the United States. See a celebrity phrase from Lopez Obrador, “the best foreign policy is the interior.”

Argentina denies the existence of a “mixed” position, amid declarations that its neutrality is in conflict with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Argentine chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, explained the position of his country ensuring that he would travel to Invasion, Argentina without aligning himself with OTAN and with neutral mantle facing the conflict in Europe. “The only difference that Argentina has with the interests of Argentines and Argentines is that it’s the foreign policy of our country,” he said.

In an interview with El Destape Radio, Cafiero stated that “all the parties involved, the potentials, the current situation at the moment of the escalation that is left and right”.

Friends and enemas of Russia

Russia’s most recent alliances in Latin America – Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba – are at odds with Putin’s actions, including Russia’s invasion of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia in 2008, and its illegal annexation. 2014. Among the most critical voices with Russia are Colombia, known as the only “global socio” of OTAN in Latin America and Chile.

The majority of the governors of the region are under Putin’s gubernatorial vote and have voted unanimously in the UN. But in many Latin American countries, the OTAN and United States papers in the region are the subject of intense debate in both governing parties as well as in the media. The rapid economic importation of China and Russia as competitors in the “trace path” of the United States has been shown to be an important factor.

El Sur global has a different vision

The political scientist Johannes Plagemann, of the German Institute for Global and Regional Studies (GIGA), points out in a recent study that different views are at stake in Europe: Positive reviews in United States and Great Britain The victorious Second World War and the end of the Guerra Fría are moments of all triumph, and the feeling of power and leadership of the world, by definition, the sensation of being true to history. This is a historical-emotional dimension in the global arena. “

Seg eln el experto alemán, en el sur globe -es decir, en large parts of Latin America, Africa and Asia- Russia is not a “State of Paris”. Ukraine’s very weak, and Russia does not comply as amenaza: “The political elites of many countries in the world share the opinion that the EE.U. “In Asia and the South, a single paper is more important than ever. Definitely, what the world actually is, pronto será, or debería ser, multipolar.”



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