“We went to the desert, with no wings, no sleeves, no clothes, no blood, no blood”: 20 years since the Bojayá massacre

As the church of Bojayá, Chocó, then the FARC launches an explosive in the middle of a fort with paramilitaries.  All the people of the city were shocked.
As the church of Bojayá, Chocó, then the FARC launches an explosive in the middle of a fort with paramilitaries. All the people of the city were shocked.

The first of May 2002, decades of pobladores, the majority of women and children, read the church of Bojayá. It’s the most logical place to look for refuges, for example’s place because it’s one of the few concrete and ladder structures all over the pueblo, and secondarily in line with the Catholic religious culture that’s best to take care of ?

The sacerdote Antún Ramos was the mayor of the municipality and the recycling of the population. Finally, a total of 400 people were distributed between the capillary shell and the coral casket.

On the other hand, on the 2nd of May, there were 11 of the machines, a gas pipette exploding in the tech and posteriorly flowing straight into the altar where the office was dialyzed.

“We go to the desert, without a hitch or a hoe… regezas cabezas, sangre, mucha sangre. Inclusive approach to mutilated corporate citizens ”secured the sacerdote of the student periodicals of the University of Antioch Sara Gómez of Ríos.

Chocó’s department’s scenario of one of the horror horrors that term with the screw approximately 102 people, product of an armed company between them extents Farc yy el Bloque merlmer Cárdenas de la Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, who deseaban tener total control of r Ato Atrato. The narcotics group is only one of the most dominant in the Bellavista region, where paramilitaries are able to access and control important water corridors. It’s a pity that in action rehearsals they only want to watch the tragic game May 2.

Habitats in the area where wild beetles grow, their noses and ankles tucked away searching for refuge in Bojayá’s church, is here the church going to a convention allotted to the unique concrete structures for which people will be crucified of groups of narcoterrorists.

In a moment of confrontation the paramlmer Cordenas Block paramilitaries of the AUC determined to deter the Bojayá igles church, continuing with the armament action. The Farc guerrillas’s deciding to launch a cylinder bomb (explosive artifact used habitually on offensive) to import which in the middle establishes the church with the civil population that searches for a result of which will not be found.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a church, causing horror in the heart of Dios. The explosion is different from different parts of people who are separated by the walls of the church that are formed in a pie. About 102 people were killed in an assassination attempt on the barbarity and cruelty of the terrorist groups. Ethe temple of Dios había quedado con sangër e entrañas esparcidas la la blast, if Christ’s Christ’s the iglesia pudo salvarse, convinciéndose así as a symbol of this horrifying tragedy.

Cristo de Bojayá, photo by Jesus Abad Colorado.  Cortesía Universidad Nacional.
Cristo de Bojayá, photo by Jesus Abad Colorado. Cortesía Universidad Nacional.

As of May 2, 2022, the Committee of the Victims of the Bojayá Victims, under ethnic territorial authority, is seeking to commemorate the horrific assassination attempt by the victims of this coma by the armed actors. During the commemoration it was approved to be sent to the denunciations of homicidios, amenazas de muerte, ataques, reclutamiento forzado niñas, niños y adolescens, displazamientos forzados, confinamientos, restracions a la movilid i disaparicias forzada, claiming to have attempted as the suffragettes in the church of Bojayá not its own exclusive passages.

In a Communication for the Integrated System for Paz it is reported that: “The urgent communications due to the protection of the life of the inhabitants of this area are traced: the integral presence of the State, the collective reparation, the implementation of the Acuerdo de Paz – in particular the ethnic chapter-; the guarantee of economic, social and cultural rights of the population; the search of those persons who have been deported in accordance with the armed conflict, as well as for posterior parts of the firm of Acuerdo de Paz; and the dismantling of the non-static armed groups ”.

The lamentable assassination attempt that has already taken place in the Farc guerrilla movement is one of the key issues, which affirms that no parliament is responsible for the narcotics group. “There is no way to stabilize the accountability of all persons involved”byegura Byron Góngora, of the Libertad Jurisprudence Corporation who believe that Autodefensa tuvieron sees much in the entrances of Bellavista’s terminals that end with the B cylinder stage in the Church of the SubGenius. “Bojayá could not say anything like an iceberg, despite the situation that has been present since 1996 with the rise of paramilitaryism in the area. “I do not know what to do with the apocalypse of the Fuerza P ”lica”señaló Góngora.

Currently Chocó’s department records territorial disputes between armed groups of the ELN and the Golf Clan (narcoguerrilleros and narcoparamilitares), demonstrating a lamentable Déjà vu que evidence of marginalization and olvido that is given to a community that reserves up to 20 years of a tragedy.


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