What about Futuro Medicine?

Precision Personalization Medicine offers a paradigm shift and new assistive reality for the sanitary system, while forming a fundamental hermeneutics to contribute to its full integration and application in clinical practice. Así se manifestado en la jornada Configuring Futuro Medicine: Necessary Formats in Precision Medicine ‘, organized by Next Education with the collaboration of the Roche Institute Foundation.

In this day, different experts of national reference han profundizado sobre las needlessness and retouching in formation those who care about professional sanitation and las opportunities que aporta la acquisition of new competencies of concomitant values how to plan for the incorporation of Precision Personalized Medicine, to the benefit of patients and society at large.

The meeting was attended by Manuel Campo Vidal, doctor in Sociology, periodical and president of Next Education, who moderated this panel to see what we are doing, what we are doing and what we are doing right now “because there is no time like a curtain”.

The formation of the professional sanitary ware of the XXI style

Celia Gómez González, Director General of the Professional Guidance of the Ministry of Sanidad, interviewed by Manuel Campo Vidal, assured that “we are in a moment of conforming planes”, manifesting the importation of big data and the Artificial Intelligence. “Tenemos a cantera of leaders for poder ayudar al resto”, aunque “no en todos los centri se recibe hoy en día esa formation”.

Are you more adept at capturing that in the analysis? Seg lan la experta, sí: “Hay que sharing experiences and the best way to send is with the analysis of cases of excitement”.

Según ella, the pandemic has allowed the jump to the digital salute, a hermienta base for the system. Asymmetry, it is recalled that the bushes that are tenacious are accessible to all professionals, allowing the concomitant to be diffused. For the sake of being accepted by leaders, it is my opinion. All of it is a gran “cultural exchange, but it is an unnecessary process, with a holistic perspective”. And what “has a global vision is fundamental”.

Yes, I insist that no matter what the situation is, the fronts do not exist. Quantos más datos tengamos, mejor, y chief conocimiento. Por ello se va a crear el European Space Salutegiving the opportunity to share shared data for which it is necessary, to organize the consonant.

When it comes to application speed for the day, it says that “the pandemic has accelerated the process, even though it is not new. Además, tenemos el reto de los Funds Europeos, etc. ”. In conclusion: “Hay que ser optimistas”.

Formation, key in the Medicine of the Future

Continuation has tended to table of debate with great experts, in which there is debate about the topic.

Juan Cruz Cigudosa, University of Navarre’s Innovation and Digital Transformation concierge has specified that “we have a formative deficit in precision medicine” and it is recalled that “Spain is one of the only countries in Europe that does not recognize the specialty of the specialty ”.

Capacity, as it were, comes from a number of points: from assuring a satisfactory presupposition to all and which tends to work together: “digitalization and equity are fundamental. The data works ”.

In all of these we found 4 barriers, explicitly and professionally: technology, training, ethical and legal awareness, además to be incorporated into the patient in the decis.

What about Futuro Medicine?

Llamada de interest of the institutions. All of a sudden

Fernando Martín Sánchez, Professor of Investigation in Biomedical Informatics, of the National School of Sanidad. Salud Carlos III Institute, assured that you have access to data and that you have specific specialists to post for precision medicine. “Hay países that ya llevan recognizes in the professionalization, defining accreditation programs. “In Spain we want a little bit of retrospective here.” Además, it is specified that all of it should be kept in mind that precision medicine is distinguished from genomics in that it has a more holistic effect.

Professional sanitizers at the disposal of basic hermaphrodites, describe: The clinical history, “which quizáe that exchange and ser mejor, to support is a type of process” and, secondly, the support systems and the definition. “I do not want to be able to do it all in practice, because I owe the umbral cognition of any person.”

Experts are now advised to take an interest in their institutions (ministries, consultants, professional colleges para) in order to run all the instruments, which are based on a range of competencies, and which are the first steps to certify them professional and hack realism a mechanism of obtaining credentials is in the end.

The data curan

Federico Plaza, vice-president of the Roche Institute Foundation, has stated that it is a document (‘Proposal of Competitiveness in Medical Personalization of the Precautions of the Sanitary Professionals’), which presents the participation of experts of different disciplines and accessories because of its precision which has a multidisciplinary profile ”. And how, as it turns out, it produces an important hit in these years: on the one hand, the closure of the female genitals (genome and others) goes into an exponential release of the balance. It is conditioned that the sanitary system is adapted. To put it bluntly, “it’s a pity that professionals are out of shape, not just the hermits, only that they are used”. Assimilation, insisted that “the patients have been active in the transformation of the system”.

However, precision medicine is not a non-compliant medicine, but a social demand evident in digitalisation has been specified. And that, as it turns out, “the current data and model of the investigation is changing.”

This modo’s document recommending recommendations is stated in “a route from the system that follows the maximum permeability”.

“Nada tiene sentido si no se hace en un entro y con un fin social”

Carlos López-Otín, chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oviedo University, is of the opinion that “we are not being educated globally through the train of innovation”. It is sentimental, due to education and dedication to all those who use it to create pedagogical structures. “For the sake of inserting the conjugation of the tongues so that they are not extra.”

Hay hablar de configuration futuro medicine, describing that surge medicine to respond to our imperfect nouns. Y hay que prevenir. “The society does not have an education that corresponds to your health.”

For other people, he commented that, in particular, “even though an elite tends to play innovative innovations and is not creative. The best way to fight is to turn it into Atención Primaria ”.

Definitely, familiarize yourself with the data. “Hay que perder el miedo” a preguntar y meterse leleno en ello. It’s a great way to keep track of the miles you have and if and when they expire. Y es que ninguna mente humana puede abarcar todo ello. Hasta que no resolvamos el humanismo ne deberíamos profundizar e el post humanismo. “I do not care about the human component. The concomitant does not mean, in exchange, ignorance, sí ”.

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