What are the conclusions of the Miami Grand Prix?

The Miami GP did not hear the sensation that Red Bull could hack another double podium, but the car engine of Checo Pérez fell

Alfa Romeo

Valtteri Bottas felt their level of tempo, riding on their Alfa Romeo between points and disputes due to the major automobile at the start of the campaign, split between Ferrari and Red Bull. Arranging the car in Miami, culminating the competence in the septimo site deprived of super verse by the Mercedes, but with 6 points for your cause. Por su lado, the second emperor for Guanyu Zhou, who held the GP quarterly consecutively without points, but this time, as the carrier terminal, retracted without apenas seis giros but technical problems with your car. – Rafael Zamorano


These from the United States with a large stockpile of bottles because they have great possibilities that their pilots terminate in the point area. Pierre Gasly had a car accident where Alonso had the brakes and tore his monoplase. You see that there is confusion with Lando Norris that provokes an absurd collision and abandonment of ambos. Yuki Tsunoda is left with a lot of reflectors and a lot of abandoned ones, only for the duodenal culmination. – Sebastián Aceves


The French escuderia volvia sums up the hand of Esteban Ocon, 4 units, in virtud of an octave place being traded in Miami. But on the other hand, the double from the world camp, Fernando Alonso, in a very positive arrangement, took four positions, because he was perjured with a parade of pits in which a problem of tracing the hizz perder much time, finalizing undecimo apenas for firing point points .– Rafael Zamorano

Aston Martin

Apenas a point to the British escort, since Sebastian Vettel establishes pushing in the final straight antennas to abandon by choice. Lance Stroll takes positions with the abandonment of his computer and the benefit of the sanction of Fernando Alonso, which requires a second penalty. No embargo, no matter what the plans for raising startup capital, it is important for the day care business plan to provide accurate and complete information. Erick Cervantes Roon


Other opportunities that come from the manos. Do not solo buscaban la victoria, querían el 1-2 y contestar a Red Bull la afrenta en italy. With the embargo, Verstappen will be able to malogr the opportunity. But the car is: veloz and pares more resistant than its rival, although it does not have feasibility problems. – Víctor Macin Serrano



Review of the most exciting moments marking Miami’s debut in F1.


Feo Gran Premium in case. The stadium team is trying to escape points in Miami. It seems that Iban a tener that dejar ‘sangre’ on the track to conquer all unity, and fue in the fragment of the battle in the peloton media, that Mick Schumacher jumps against Vettel and that the illusion of working hard to win. Tendrin otra opportuniad en Austin. – Víctor Macin Serrano


It did not take long for the ‘papaya’ team in Miami to move from where Lando Norris started in the octave position, McLaren’s ordering to disassemble the carriage and intentionally escalating positions in Pierre Gasly’s point of departure. Landi salió salió disparada and the English terminus by blowing on the track provoking its retreat. Daniel Ricciardo damp your tuft a lot, assuming you weigh from the start to the final final in the third place you play. Without points and a stockpile for a team that has not completed its establishment in 2022 .– Ricardo Cariño


At the moment, I do not have a No. 1 pilot in the ‘Plate Flakes’, but because of Lewis Hamilton’s hierarchy, George Russell is pushing – but much – his master car and reflection rebounding in your co-driver on the track, most benefit from a Safety Car that allows entry into pitches without losing positions. Tal vez Mercedes is not about to fight for the championship title at the moment, but without any internal battles it will be exciting to keep the tempo going. – Erick Cervantes Roon

Red Bull

Your energy baby is a perfect match in Miami Gardens. Persisters the mechanical problems five that Max Verstappen’s another victory. The Cherokee Pérez’s Sufi practitioner from the Netherlands to the carrier who allied himself with his competitor Carlos Sainz. If the Safety Car is parked in Mexico to steer from the podium, through the desperation by going to the Spanish term with a block that will allow all to conform and conform to the position. Red Bull has a great pace, without embargo, its feasibility can be costly even though it is advancing in tempo .– Sebastián Aceves



Review of the most exciting moments marking Miami’s debut in F1.


Is it not news that Alex Albon is the pilot who took the best results for his team from the flag and is doming the British Thai carriage in these places to express all of Williams and stay in the same position? final Fernando Alonso’s sanction is more than just a service for giving points to your team. By the way Nicholas Latifi can presume haber finalized, no inconvenient suffrage and term in position 14 debit to the retrieval of algun pilots .– Ricardo Cariño


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