What are the Iranian presidents of the American Cumber?

(CNN Español) – The Cumberland of America comes in Los Angeles is the moon and the map of participating and attending presidents — but not inviting or deciding not to assist — form.

The presence of US mandates in the conference organized by President Joe Biden’s Gobierno is at the center of much of the controversy surrounding the possible exclusion of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba from the event.

Not to be outdone: United States officially declines not to extend invitations to its mandates because it has “reservations about the cause of democratic escalation and the situation of human rights” in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Various presidents of the region, including Mexican Andrés Manuel López Obrador, are adamant that all parts should form part of the coin and condition their participation and this factor. Lopez Obrador is one of those mandates that does not exist.

This is what we have to say about who participates and who does not.

The presidents who ousted the Cumber of America

Argentina: President Alberto Fernández’s otro of those who manifestly manifest themselves about the need to invade all the mandaters in the cube and well in duda with participation. With the embargo, the Argentine mandate confirms its participation in the Biden prophecy, the Télam report, in the aftermath of a telephone conversation that took place on June 1, during which a reunion was agreed between the mandated ambassadors in July in Washington.

Brazil: The Brazilian Chancellor confirmed to CNN that Jair Bolsonaro participated in the coup and asserted a bilateral reunion with Biden.

Canada: Justin Trudeau participates, because of the fact that he’s talking to Biden in the same way, because of Casa Blanca, just discussing the money and the objective part of a creation.

Chile: President Gabriel Boric also attended the meeting, confirming his candidacy for the presidency, criticizing the exclusivity of Maduro, Díaz-Canel and Ortega, informs CNN Chile.

Costa Rica: “Ir a la cumbre es lo correcto para nuestro país”, said President Rodrigo Chaves in an interview with Efe.

Colombia: President Iván Duque confirms his participation by following Efe’s report based on official sources. In March Duque they have refereed The “magnificence of opportunity” that represented the American Cumberland, which suggests its participation, and more recently Vice President and Chancellor Marta Lucía Ramírez, has said that it does not “socialize the theme of democracy” on its agenda. .

Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso, who recently met with Biden, confirmed his participation in the coin, according to a Reuters report.

Panama: Laurentizo Cortizo confirmed in April to Antony Blinken’s secretariat that he participated in the event.

Paraguay: Mario Abdo participated in the meeting, said Efe, who quoted the councilor of the country that currently occupies the presidency in favor of Mercosur.

Peru: Pedro Castillo solicitó al Congreso permiso para viajar a Estados Unidos a la gimbre, reporta Eefe.

Dominican Republic: Luis Abinader confirmed his participation by following the Efe report used by various media outlets, and affirming that he respects the decision of the United States, even though all the presidents who have given the Iberoamericana a copy of the book.

Those who do not participate in the chamber

Bolivia: President Luis Arce is one of those confirmó who did not participate in the negative of the United States and invaded Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Cuba: No fire invited. “You can be assured that you will be assisted as soon as possible,” he wrote a Twitter extension President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who affirmed that “the goblin of the United States coincided with an initiative that the Cumbre of America did not include”.

Guatemala: Alejandro Giammattei confirmed that he did not participate in the coup in the United States, which criticized the recent rejection of his fiscal general, Consuelo Porras. “I know and rejoice in the ambassador of the nation that is under the control of this (chico), because he is the president or the president, and he is respectful and respectful of the sovereignty,” he said.

HondurasThe President of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, does not assist the American Cumbre who is leaving the cab in the city of Los Angeles, California, after confirming to CNN the communication team of the Presidential Palace.

Mexico: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that he is not participating. “I do not want to go to Cumberland because I do not want to invade all parts of the United States and I do not want to change the politics of the country, which has been imposed by a single step. of the countries, the independence of each country ”, indicated the mandate.

Nicaragua: United States does not invite President Daniel Ortega, who anticipates confirming its exclusivity or being pronounced against the law. “No nos interesa estar en esa cumbre”, dijo, “esa cumbre no enaltece a nadie… esa cumbre enucia, embarra”.

Venezuela: Biden’s Governor’s tampoco invites the questioned president Nicolás Maduro, who has every voice about his audit. “In Venezuela we have the clear glass: union, inclusion, diversity, democracy and the right to build our own destination. Recharge the claims to exclude and discriminate against people in the Cumbre de las Americans“, sign up for Twitter.

Uruguay: President Luis Lacalle Pou dio positive by covid-19 and does not support Cumbre. Members are surprised by their participation in a recent BBC interview, and recibió en enviado de Statados Unidos esta semana, quien “felicitó y agradeció” al país por su “liderazgo hacia una democrática”, seg lan la embajada.

El Salvador: President Nayib Bukele did not assist. Representing the country is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alexandra Hill.

This article was originally published on May 31 and updated with the latest information.

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