What foods to eat to live longer? A healthy diet increases life expectancy by more than a decade

Replacing Your Diet With Extremely Processed Foods, Soft Drinks և Red և Processed Meat Helps Live Longer For More Years (Getty)
Replacing Your Diet With Extremely Processed Foods, Soft Drinks և Red և Processed Meat Helps Live Longer For More Years (Getty)

“You have to eat to live, not to live to eat” Cicero, a writer, orator and Roman politician, has been preserved in ancient times. It is known today that the food consumed every day is essential for health, it is estimated that all over the world. Poor diet risk factors lead to 11 million deaths a year and 255 million disability life years.

A group of scientists from Norway found out that: A young adult can increase his or her lifespan by more than a decade if he or she changes his or her diet from the usual Western diet to junk food, an optimized diet that includes more legumes (such as lentils, peas, and soy beans). , whole grains և nuts, կարմիր less red և processed meat.

The work was carried out by scientists from the Department of World Public Health և Primary Care, University of Bergen, Norway. In doing so, they have taken into account previous research on the impact of diet quality on life expectancy.

For example, the Global Burden of Disease, Injury, and Risk Factors by the United States Institute for Health Standards տրամադր provides a summary of population health measures that are relevant when comparing health systems but do not assess the impact of change. Composition of food groups և their benefits for individual health.

The optimized diet should include more legumes (eg lentils, peas, soybeans), whole grains and nuts (Photo by Franco Fafasuli)
The optimized diet should include more legumes (eg lentils, peas, soybeans), whole grains and nuts (Photo by Franco Fafasuli)

The EAT Committee organized by the magazine The Lancet: recently introduced a planetary diet. But it offers limited information on the health effects of other diets, and few are able to maintain strict approaches to maximizing health. So Norwegian researchers thought that there was a big question to be answered. Which nutrition plan gives you more life?

In their published study, Norwegian scientists wrote: “Our modeling methodology using meta-analysis, global disease burden study data և “Life table methodology has shown that the increase in life expectancy for young adults from typical Western diets to long-term changes in optimization diets can take more than a decade.”

The biggest gain in life can be getting more whole grains, whole grains and nuts, as well as eating less red, processed meat.. For the elderly, achievements will be small but significant. Even approximate feeding viability shows an increase in life expectancy of 7% or more for both sexes in all age groups.

The biggest gains will be more whole grains (about 2.2 years for women մոտ about 2.5 years for men), more whole grains (2 years for women և 2.3 years for men), more nuts (about 1.7 years for women և men about 2 years), eating less red. meat (1.6 years for women և 1.9 years for men) և less processed meat (1.6 years for women և 1.9 years for men).

According to scientists, a healthy diet at the age of 60 can take 8 years for women, 8.8 years for men and 3.4 years for 80 years.

They conducted the research on a specific instrument. They developed an online calculator Food4HealthyLife: which allows you to instantly assess the impact on life expectancy after a series of changes in your daily diet. “Knowledge of the relative health potential of different food groups can enable people to receive viable, significant health benefits,” they said.

You do not have to go out of your way to change your eating habits
“You do not have to go from nothing to nothing” to change your eating habits, according to nutritionist Marianella Ackermann / Getty.

They consider that too The Food4HealthyLife calculator can be a useful tool for physicians, policymakers, and the general public to understand the impact of food choices on health.. The Norwegian study was published in the journal PLOS Medicine:. The research was led by scientist Lars Fadnes.

After reading the work of scientists. Medical specialist Marianella Ackerman, a member of the obesity group of the Nutrition Association of Argentina, commented: “It must be taken into account that human health depends on two major variables – genetic և acquired factors, which include lifestyle միջավայր environment. The only thing we can change today are the acquired factors, or rather, our lifestyle, how we eat, how much we move, how we manage our emotions and stress. ”

“The results of a study in Norway,” said Dr. Ackermann, “provide information on how positive changes in food choices affect our life expectancy.” For expert Ackerman, “there is no need to go from nothing to everything. In other words, it is not helpful to completely change eating habits overnight, as they are not maintained over time. It is best to start with moderate changes to follow a “feasible” diet. For example, you can start by reducing the consumption of cookies և by consuming nuts or by reducing the consumption of processed meat և by consuming legumes, which are already beneficial.

That’s Dr. Ackerman He emphasized that it is never too late to follow a good diet. “The sooner the better, the better the diet with more grains, cereals and nuts, but it’s never too late. The benefits are noticeable at any age. “There is evidence that if the changes start at age 60, there will be significant benefits to life expectancy,” he said.


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