What happened at Keretaro Stadium? One month after the beating

Thirty-one days have passed since the most disgraceful and cruel event in Armenia MX League. that: Beatings at Corregidora Stadium that: Saturday, March 5where there are almost wounded, but there are still many doubts.

It seems that time is moving very fast, but only a month separates the strong “unprecedented confrontation that took place between the legendary fans”. Keretaro և: Atlas; already exists 27 arrested կան There are still missing characters who must be brought to justice.

This is how the Gallos-Atlas fight started

It was the 62nd minute of the 9th round match Closing in 2022Atlas Foxes won 1-0 with a goal scored Julius Caesar Ferch; A corner kick was taken, which ended with a goal kick white roosters that: KeretaroThere was already a fight in the stands, which suddenly caused a pitch intrusion. Chaos!

While some fans were walking down the field with their families and friends, there were blows on the stands, many beating the red fans. The scene seemed bleak and the dead were even talked about on social media images that looked like a horror moviebut little by little everything changed.

“It is supposed that A. Security protocol; In most stadiums you can not even enter with a cane Keretaro “They said they did not allow me to enter with coins. I went to the neutral zone, where they did not even check me,” he commented. Thatfan: Atlas to present that afternoon at La Corregidora.

There were blows, blood and naked bodies for a few minutes. The game stopped, շատ many of those present took refuge in the locker room. The state police were slow to enter, and the private security … was unable to operate. In time, it would become known that they had participated less than announced in the official part and that the vast majority lack of training : resources to deal with what happened.

“Yes, ears:, sticks with nails, bunker weaponsknives, ice extract“Of course I have seen it,” he added. That… Was he right? Ց Networks believed it to be true. The dead, there, in the nets, were about 15 … But only there.

“The whole time we were off the pitch, everything was getting tense, because you can see it going on. people entering outside the stadium; from the moment we started running. You were jumping on people who were being hit. “I should have seen people in the pit, beating, throwing people … That’s right, I assure you,” the story continued.

The images have traveled the world, that weekend ended that weekend, but the schedule for Sunday’s Monday stopped in all divisions of Mexican football. The league is its president Mikel Ariola, announced that a meeting of owners will be held to discuss the issue. Which on Tuesday 8th Urgent … and decisive?

Due to the magnitude of what happened, when recording images of inert bodies, people were talking about the dead, – the news continued, – until Governor of Queretaro, Mauricio Curi Gonzalezgave the first report. 26 wounded ։ is treated in hospitals. The condition of 3 of them is serious. The other three had gone out on their own that night.

The injured were evacuated Keretaro General Hospitalwhile in the early morning of March 6, they arrived at Guadalajara trucks with the first fans who were present և returned without serious injuries, animated groups Atlas They built a sanctuary to pray and raised money to help their families. It: Jalisco Stadium it became a place of prayer.

There are more fans over the hours Atlasstarting Chivasstarting These are the lionsLeon, in: tigers and from Ryados, from all the teams, in spontaneous solidarity.

At the table are the directors MX League: Voted on Tuesday 8 for not complying with the then order Keretaro և The privilege was again Managed by Hot Groupwith whom the sale of the team was agreed within a year, during the same period, who will be banned from playing in his stadium with spectators in the stands.

The search for the culprits began 21 searches: և fell first 10 arrested. Their faces were washed on social networks. Some anonymous faces, just nicknames.

They also started looking for the owners of a private security company GSEK 9:who acted in that game, who had it? Inscriptions of ducklings hire staff; A few hours before the game, the call sheet revealed his improvisation.

Searches and arrests continued. It is 27 so far. The wounded gradually left, some of them were transported by helicopter to Guadalajara by the same route until March 17. Steven Hernandez«the razor“The most serious of the sports fans, the longest hospitalized. underwent intensive treatment. He survived.

As one of the first measures that is still in force, the teams agreed to prevent the entry of visiting fans, և teams such as: Atlas և: Santos started by identifying their offspring Fan ID:. Toluca has set an example with its security cameras for its effective “Safe Stadium”. face recognition and the government at the last minute Keretaro ceased control, promising to restore the organization’s confident face.

One month… though Mexican football keep looking for long-term solutions.

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