¿What is salutable alimony? More than all the food

“A healthy diet is a variant diet that is fundamentally consistent in fruits and vegetables y en la que se hace un large consumption of imported granules. The proteins are supported legumes and processed products (that no seut embutidos) ”, explicit Mar Dola Dolores del Castillo Bilbao, Scientific Investigator of the CSIC Institute of Food Science, Biochemistry and PhD in Science and Technology of Food. Experts say that “you can consume daily carnage, but it is much more consistent to consume blanks and waste them on the floor and in the kitchen. In this food, the elaboration of platters using culinary procedures that retain the essential nutritional supplements of the food and preserving the bioactive composts that are, after all, have great benefits for the salutation. The hydration should not be negligible, fundamentally with water and infusions that do not levven azúcar añadido. The diet for excellence that is considered more reasonable and model to follow is mediterránea diet that clump all the necessary wise men ”.

Del Castillo Bilbao insists on providing healthy hydration and studying the pyramid of healthy nutrition in the Spanish Society of Nutrition.

Balanced and complimentary food

Traditional alimony that refers to the pyramid, and that the CSIC expert mentions, must be consistent, balanced, compact and timed, but we do not need to emotional balance is an important part of a salutable screw. También debe ser de cercanía y de calidad. Consumir tempo products and of the constituent products and which are about one-half as much as 50% of what is supplied in a reasonable manner.

De hecho, Anna Bach, Professor of Health Studies at the Oberta University of Catalonia (UOC) specializing in nutrition and public health, a composition that the proportions of the Mediterranean diet where the weight is in the vegetables of the vegetarian origin (vertebrate, fruit, …) And food in animal origin (hace that the sea plateau is parallel to the planetary plateau (a reasonable and consistent plateau that increases the planet). Other aspects that the hack is most substantial is that this diet is based on local and temporal food. Follow the Mediterranean diet using a strategic element to combat climate change. It is one of the most agile and environmentally friendly and respectable models with the medium environment ”.

Slow food and biodiversity in the food supply

Hay algunas associations cuya filosofía is basada precisely in all esto de lo que hablamos. Slow-Food is one of them. It is an eco-gastronomic association with the slightest cul-de-sac in 1989 in Italy to oppose fast food y la fast life, to prevent the depopulation of local gastronomic traditions and fight the general interest rate by nutrition, by originals, bypasses, and by consequences of food supply options of the population. Hoy tiene more than 100,000 members in all the world fomentan a new logic of alimony production, start alimony education programs and act in favor of biodiversity.

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