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In Jornada 17 of Clausura 2022 there are direct tickets to Liguilla and a site in the last pages of the table

The last part of the day Clausra 2022 in the Liga MX find yourself in the throes of emotion, where teams are playing the ultimate in direct tickets Liguilla and the positions of repechaje they are willing to swallow radical cambiums.

In other words, the clubs are fighting to avoid a paycheck many to complete the football cycle in the last folds of the cociente.

ESPN present what each team’s Liga MX se juega en la Jornada 17 del Clausura 2022.

With 38 points of cinco de Tigerssu m cs cercano perseguidor, los Tuzos acabarán la fase regular del Clausura at the highest level of the classification, without embargo, to remove the brand of units that the team has locked in the turnstiles.

In case of a Pumas in Jornada 17, Pachuca drill the historical record of points that the team lost in one semester (39); además se unirá a America, Cruz Azul y León as the only teams that rotate the barrier of 40 units.

You import the resulting result Atlas, Tigers conclude the semester as it is classified second to 32 points, non-stop, a triumph breaking one row of consecutive tropics (against Necaxa and America 2 to 0).

Cabe menzionar que los feline no suman trerotas desde el Apertura 2018ante Cruz Azul(1-0), Toluca (1-2), y Santos Laguna (3-1), in a slip that Jornada’s 3 to 5’s.

With 26 points and a third position on the board, ‘France’ has all the direct classification of Liguilla ante Mazatlán FC with a triumph, without embargo, the other option resulting in the importance of looking at the mirror in the mirror Atlas (26), America (25), Cruz Azul (24), Guadalajara (23) Monterrey (23), Necaxa (23) y San Luis Athletic (23) sewed on the button by one of the available Liguilla tickets directly and can be sent to the repairer.

The vicious Mexican football camp sums up the number of points that Puebla (26), although with one goal in the difference, because the reversal coil expanses in the classification, in the same way as the coats on the merganser where the teams of the previous cities are selected, in order not to gain victory a cesped of that no salen airosos from el Clausura 2015.

Starting from a crisis where the team is in a state of general disarray due to torpedo fire, the hilarious hilado zinco tripped in a row and escalated to the quinta position with 25 points. In the case of a consecutive victorious sexta, ante Cruz Azultheir rival in turn, can play the direct ticket a Liguillaas if Atlas o Puebla dejen puntos en la tltima jornada.

The ‘Machine’ is sexto site with 24 points and straight way with America but a direct place in Liguilla, with a combined triumph over the canyon of the Aztec Stadium with the tropics of Zorros or ‘France’ in parallel, allowing them to confirm their participation in the ‘grand fiesta’.

With a hike of three victories al hilo, with 23 points and the septimo folding path from the turn of the tour, El Rebaño has a secured place in the repressa and includes mathematical possibilities of obtaining a direct ticket to Liguilla, without embargo, tropic Necaxa in combination with results of Monterrey y San Luis Athletic the beards lose a local location in repeats.

With 23 points and octaves, the right retro to Monterrey is now the end of the week and stays within the top four of the repeats, with a victory ahead Tijuanawith very few mental advantages of direct advance to Liguilla.

For that’s’s’s, Rayados needs a triumph and that Atlas o Puebla pierdan, as an empathy between America in the duel ahead Cruz Azul y que Chivas, Necaxa y San Luis Athletic no sumen.

New site with 23 points, a triumph ahead Chivas to expect the Hydrorayos’s waiting for the direct ticket to Liguilla, no obstruction, all options are limited. Even though Rayados, the current interest of the team is due to Al Rebaño for taking care of the teeth of the first four repress sites, which allow him to go locally as an instance.

How to get a site with 23 points, San Luis Athletic see Santos Laguna in the search for up to 26 points and expect combinations of results that allow direct access to Liguillaor well, a place like local in the repression round.

With La ‘Fiera’ only aspire to repeat and need a victory ante Toluca for displaying teeth somewhere in the area of ​​the board, without embargo, a result that complicates your panorama, but beyond that haga Pumas, Mazatlán FC y Santos.

Pumas register 19 units and kill in the dodacite site of the board and measure against the leader Pachuca in the last fecha. In the case of a trout star in a repeater, for a pig to take off and wait for the results to be obtained Mazatlán FC, Toluca, Santos y Tijuana.

Lions do not depend on mismos to enter repeats, they can add up to 18 points and kill the decimoter folder. To mount with screw on the torch, they must win Puebla and wait that Pumas o León no ganen. In case of empathy, necesitan that the feline pierdan y that tanto Toluca as Tijuana no Ghana.

Having replica possibilities, the Diablos Rojos are screwed ante León to avoid the lot by occupying the latest sites from the cocene table to the final of the tempo.

In the case of pierdan ante the ‘Fiera’ and Querétaro vence a FC JuárezToluca caerá al antepenúltimo sitio de la boardi porcentual u estará obligatory a pagar 33 millones de pesos.

Repesca options for Santos pasan por un triunfo ante San Luis Athleticwait as long as Pumas como Mazatlán FC no ganen, y estar pendientes de la goleo dife respecto a León, Pumas y Tijuana.

Mictlán’s canes are 17 points long and last decimosexto a ,n, a conn with repesca options, no obstante, deben ganar a Monterrey and execute a series of results involving a León, Toluca, Pumas y Mazatlán FC.

Manual cables that run at the same time as the position of the parent and the child pay 47 million pesos.

Gallos Blancos does not have the ability to classify Liguilla and its preoccupation is the consistent table. The team needed a victory over it FC Juárez y esperar que Toluca no sume tres puntos frente a León. This is the way to avoid losing 33 million pesos and getting to Diablos Rojos.

FC Juárez there are no replica capabilities and it is the only team that pays much in those years that implement the media. It’s going to weigh 80 million pesos.


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