What is the specialty of assembling more plazas?

Aspirantes al MIR 2022.

Family and Community Medicine gana points between futuros specialists. Este áre has significantly increased the ratio of assurance respecting the anterior convocation MIRin addition to a total of 154 plazas between the first 4,000 order numbers. This translates to 26 candidates each, one being elected to a position in the Family, averaging that, in 2021, a vacancy is assigned to each of the 30 order numbers.

When it comes complete from the MIR plasma adjacent gun to access the Specialized Sanitary Formation (FSE), Familiar and Community has increased 6.6 for the price of 2,336 plazas offered for this convocation. The anterior part, being in the process alleys, has 133. public administrations to make the specialty attractive.

Without embargo, it is objective to attract and motivate new residents, Catalonia has in stock an incentive program of up to 9,000 euros per year for MIR that are discounted by Family Medicine in this convocatoria.

MIR plaza adjudication of traditional specialties

In the difference between Family and Community, there are several interests that influence the assignment ratio. The media of Neumologywith 51 plazas integrated in 10 days, located in los 78 order numbers for each vacant which increases by an increase of 16 order numbers more per respective plaza in 2021.

De Pediatrics and Special Needswhich has more than 83 per cup price, has been assigned a plaza for every 10 doctors; an aspirant for vacancy more than the anterior trajectory of the semen and assembling medium.

For the Ultimate, in the case of Internal Medicinewith more than 43 due to adjudicated bid, has been shortlisted a vacant for every 23 turns; more aspirants than in the convocating passage. Interna aún mantiene 228 puestos sin duño.

M Which MIR specialties have all the plazas added?

In these design days, even the specialties have the cup of the cup. The first of all Dermatologywhich assumes the last of its vacancies, 115, at the number of the order 718. With these dates, the best specialty respecting the respective one to the front can be assured a plaza for every aspirant. In 2021, I will start a vacancy for new aspirants.

Cirugía Plástica has completed the second round of bidding, having scored points respecting the previous convocation. This media site is on a plaza arrangement of 20 aspirantsplaces that, in 2021, will include a vacancy for every 16 doctors.

Although Plastic, Cardiology is gaining popularity. The last one out of 190 plazas has been assigned the order number 3,403, but because the media is missing 18 candidates for vacancy adjudication. In 2021, when it offers 181 positions and finalizes the process with 2,456, the statistics will be in a position where, out of 13 aspirants, one elegance Cardiology. More, the specialty has tended to expect it novena adjudication session to add, so that, in the anterior convocatoria, there are enough fuels to fill the cup.

In this lineage, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has increased from 35 plazas, but has changed its data to news about a vacant for every 106 aspirants; 14 more than in 2021.

Without embargo, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, which has the last of its 395 medical plazas at 3,714, has been vacated every new number of orders, but which is gaining popularity among doctors, even though Ophthalmology. In the case of Ophthalmologyother than that which terminated the process in the session session, has been one for every 18 doctorsmientras that, in the anterior convocatoria, the media is located in 19 numbers per vacant occupation.

If so, in the other way of the coin you can find the files that have not been extracted in the process: Trabajo medicine (107 plazas) y Nuclear Medicine (48 plazas).

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