¿What kind of exercise is most suitable for you?

Physical activity is now no longer calibrated, no longer is it unstable and noisy to prevent a variety of problems associated with sedentary and sedentary health, how can we escort the training more than enough to practice in the gym? and how often is the type of exercise that best adapts to our personality?

The choice of dexterity activity that responds to nonsense nonsense is not a secondary quest, it is a fundamental determination to align objective and healthy nests and not to abandon physical practice before timeadvierten desde la cadena europea gimnasios Basic-Fit (BF).

¿Are you an introverted or extroverted person, tranquil or dynamic? Somet Are you stressed or needy a lot or something? ¿Motivated by the emotions that flowed or the initial divertirte? ¡Dime cómo eres y te diré qué entrenamiento necesitas!”, Said César Simón, responsible for the product Basic-Fit Spain.

Choose an entertaining habit, in function of our necesidates and tastes an egg that informs us about all the options available, but also avoids a serial form, but reciprocal form, which has a very positive effect on the individual of any one, entertaining enthusiasm, vitality and liveliness”, Said Simon.

$! The regular exercise is the best in the anemic state.

Regular exercise is the best in the anemic state.

Part of a model of Lee-Ann Sharp sports psychology expert, and adapted for high school sports, BF dwrite down the most popular practices and personal profiles and ways to get the most out of activities.


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For your part, Eloïse Cilia, Content Specialist ‘fitness‘en Basic-Fit Internacional, add the EFE petition to a practical consultation for convert any practice into a natural habitat.

$! The individual practice is better than the concentration.

Individual practice measures concentration.


For independent persons who control their own yield and search for specific objects, it is recommended to exercise in machines such as the ‘press’ on the bench, laryngeal pruritus, dorsal machine, además of cardiovascular ejaculation, such as ‘Indoor Cycle’, elliptical machine or cornea, BF.


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All exercises that require motivation and the moment of concentration in the objective, such as consistency, discipline and self-confusion, are explicit.

– Consejo: “In the gym, it is a variation of exercises, recording each routine as a retouch, and stabilizing alcanzable metas in a specific area”, Según Cilia, que sugiere pensar siempre en lo bien que nos sentiremos después de internren.


In order to increase motivation in these high-intensity sports that share interests and motivation with most participants, it is consistent with the enthusiasts that allow stress to be released and focal on attenuation..

In this category among the class collectives type ‘Abs & Core ‘(for postural and abdominal workouts), Barbell (for muscular groups),’ Bootcamp ‘(intermittent training),’ Body Pump ‘(strength and resistance),’ Body Attack ‘,’ Indoor cycle ‘( cardio) and ‘XCore’ (abdominal and musculature in general).


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– Consejo: “It is more likely to be diverted and leveled in the company, but as a result of searching an entertaining computer for mutually acceptable. Have a ‘complexion’ on the lagoon, auda a sobrepasar los propios limites y acudir al gimnasio cuando no le appetite salir o tiene pereza”, Said Cilia.

$! Power train with weights.  Photo: Basic-Fit.

Power training with weights. Photo: Basic-Fit.


Extroverted persons who search the body more than once and divert deportation in the company of other people who do not want to be entertained. for example, following the rhythm of the music and following the routines of the bailee as well as the classes of ‘Dance Special’, ‘Dance Party’ or ‘Latin Dance‘, según BF.

You can also practice other disciplines, such as’Booty‘(para fortalecer glúteos y piernas) y’Aerobics‘(for calorie counts), which the most popular musical excitements are skimmed, in order to motivate and estimate the participants, then.


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Consejo: “For many people the music is a large estimating duration that trains and the permits are diffused into the maxima. If you miss the motivation, ja deja que suene tu música favorite en tus auriculares y verás cómo te dan ganas de entrenar!”, Aconseja Cilia.

Algunos prefer combustion sports.

Algunos prefer combustion sports.


The exercises that support bienestarwhich can be practiced with a moderate intensity level and incorporated diarrhea vividly, to connect with competing people, mostly centered on health in general and looking for physical and mental balancesegún BF.

This category contains classes in which import, respiration, equilibrium, concentration and posture, such as Yoga o el Pilateswhich is recommended for people with and with stress, then.

Consejo: Cilia rEcomienda prepares a semantic plan of training and applied for a period of time, as a precaution if it is not complete, but compromised or recovered from the following. “What’s nutrition, hygiene, workmanship, debauchery should take place from day to dayrecalca.

$! Moment of relaxation in the gym.

Moment of relaxation in the gym.


+ “Any person, other than their age, abilities or interests, can find physical activity with the quality of feeling comfortable”, Said César Simón, de la cadena Basic-Fit.

+ “To get the best results and continue in practice, be sure to adjust your exercise more closely with your personality, character and temperament”, Explicit Simón a EFE.

+ “Turning the sport into an aggravable hobby that forms part of your screw style ensures an easy training routine”, Says Eloïse Cilia, an expert in physical form.

By Daniel Galilea EFE / Reportage.


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