What Marvel movies and series are you looking for in “Doctor Strange in the Locura Multiverse”?

(CNN Español) – “Doctor Strange in the Locura Multiverse” is the first part of the movie Marvel Studios which will be released in 2022. How to make a living in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU in English by Marvel Cinematic Universe), every new production offers new characters in the main characters, and to include their stories up to 100% debut (al menos algunas) cells and anterior series.

Not to be outdone, this cinematic universe currently has 27 cents and 6 series (yes, now it’s too much to consider the Marvel 6 series at Disney + as it’s very relevant for it to be multicolored) titanic.

This is a series of excerpts from the apparatus of apparatus of persons and concepts seen anteriorly. To comprehend this is a 100% new movie, CNN hemos replicated by order of importation of the few works that will be heard from “Doctor Strange at the Locivers Multiple”. It’s a lot more than 27 films and 6 series.

Advertising: this note can contain spoilers.

“Doctor Strange”

Evidently, the first work done by Marvel Studios to present Doctor Strange’s instruments. This is the best way to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with Stephen Strange. How to get more out of the Wong hatchback who wants to fly to a central character.


If you have a defining character for MCU in this Doctor Strange movie, this is about Wanda Maximoff, known as Bruja Escarlata. “Wandavision” is the Disney + miniseries that thrives on the trauma that keeps the Infinity War and Endgame subscribers alive. Hacia the finale of the series, a completely evolving character and, in a post-credit scene, you can find a study book discovered that helps you convert and convert into a villa or pursue malignant fires.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home”

The latest addition to the hobby is, chronologically, the anterior cingulate and the new Doctor Strange movie and the latest movie in which we all find Stephen Strange, led by Spider-Man advising his algebra to alter it . Además is the first film to feature other Marvel Universe characters from the current Disney series, as well as the fact that there are many other conjoined lines.

Sexto episode of “Loki”

“Loki”, other than the Marvel series exits at Disney + is the only key to get acquainted with the character of Loki, in order to embody the multifaceted concept. All the series ahonda en eso, pero si hay un chapters verdaderamente revelador en las diferten bifurcaciones que pueden lgegar a ocurrir, ese es el sexto y tltimo.

Episode 4 of “What If …?”

This is a series of Disney + animation plant alternative scenarios with hubieran ocurrido acontecimientos different in the history of Marvel characters. Which of the following is the title of the article in Spanish, entitled “Which Doctor range’s Doctor Strange Would You Like to Get Rid of Handicrafts?”. There is an alternative reality to what we can see Stephen Strange in his versions of the cast. One is Doctor Strange because he is acutumbed and has conquered himself as Strange Supreme, a much larger version of the mismatch. Pese a no haber nada confirmado, en el first trailer for “Doctor Strange in the Locus Multiverse” you can see the versions of Strange, but it is possible that you can read a scenario of this type.


At the age of 2000, the first X-Men movie was released. But there are no Marvel Studios in MCU. Of course, these works correspond to Fox franchise. No obstante, tras la Fox acquisition by Disney in 2017, you can speculate when ordering X-Men at MCU. The adventurous example of “Doctor Strange in the Multicolor of the Locura” can be traced back to a character recorded by Professor Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart). Ante the allusion of comments and reactions, in one Jake’s Takes YouTube channel interview, Patrick Stewart confirmed his presence in the trailer. Ignore the role that tends to be the most mutant apparatus of the X-Men, just to see the original dicho group of superheroes that can be placed in front of it to enter what it’s like.

Extra considerations

From all of these films and series, there is a series of works that provide relevant results for you to learn more about the characters you cite as your own.

  • Avengers: La Era de Ultrón
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Avengers: Endgame

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