what time are the combinations, what are the participants and what is the action

(CNN Español) – Si eres seguidor del famoso streamer español Ibai Llanos ya debes conocer to the perfection que además jugar en Twitch, de entrevistar a futbolistas and artists igual, también organiza events that are legally a ser tendency in social networks. A perfect example fue el World Cup who organized the junta in Piqué.

Velada del año 2 de Ibai: cuándo y dónde verla

It is now possible to treat a box file that youtubers like, streamers and other personalities from the llamó Velada del año. This edition is scheduled for Saturday, June 25 at 05:30 pm in Spain, 11:30 am in Miami, 10:30 am in CDMX and Colombia, 12:30 pm in Argentina.

The canal is transmitted through the canal Twitch de Ibai.

al streamer dio a conocer el miércoles que Salvador Salvà Rodríguez, quu estuvo a cargo del arbitraja de la velada 2021, velará por las regula los combates. Salvà is a box arbitrator that has participated in international tours.

The event as it is presented by streamers españolas Cristinini y Jen Herranz.

The sailing race takes place at the Pabellón Olympico de Bandalona, ​​near Barcelona in Spain.

Sailing hours

The event with the following structure. Only when the schedule is from the Spanish Peninsula and the hours are approximate, indicating Ibai.

  • 5:30 pm (11:30 am in Miami, 10:30 am in CDMX and Colombia): Transmission start and red alphabet
  • 6:35 pm: Ibai Llanos is one of the broadcasters as a commenter on streamer Reven and the famous Spanish boxing commentator Jaime Ugarte.
  • 6:45 pm: Presentation of the Spanish rapper Rels B.
  • 7:15 pm Primer enfrentamiento: Carola vs. Spursito
  • 7:40 pm: Presentation of the Argentine singer Nicki Nicole
  • 8:15 pm: Second interest: Paracetamor vs. bear
  • 8:40 pm: Presentation by Argentine producer and DJ Bizarrap
  • 9:00 pm: Third round: Momo vs. Viruzz
  • 9:20 pm: Presentation of Quevedo
  • 9:50 pm: Quarto enfrentamiento: Luzu vs. Lolito
  • 10:10 pm: Presentation of the Argentine singer Duki
  • 10:30 pm: Quinto entertaining and most espresso, entertaining singer David Bustamante and one of the most important content creators in Spain, Míster Jägger
  • 11:00 pm: Fin of the event

Ibai dijo that artists like the Argentines Emilia and Trueno assisted in the pero velada do not present.

What are the parts of each bath in the sail of the 2nd year of Ibai?

Primer enfrentamiento: Carola vs. Spursito

Por un lado, Carola, oriundo de Galicia, is one of the streamers which is created in the Spanish-speaking panorama at the latest thanks to its participation in the “GTA Roleplay” series by the KOI Container Crewing Team, the crew team by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué. From time to time, quizzes are partly preferred because, as a matter of fact, boxing or practicing boxing takes about three months before starting this new preparation.

On the other hand, Spursito, who is convinced in one of the references of the football and “FIFA” football content creators on YouTube and later the love of Twitter. The young man, of Andorran origin, is convinced to be one of the most visible LaLiga players to play football and new generations. In preparation for sailing has been contacted with all three European champions of the superhighway Sandor Martín, one of the great promos of the Spanish box, which participates in the first Ibai sailing as Reven trainer.

Second interest: Paracetamor vs. Arigameplays

Paracetamor, another veteran in the world of streaming video games on Twitch, has participated in a wide range of “Minecraft” series with other streamers as well as any of the “League of Legends” or “Fortnite”, among other games. As part of your preparation, I contacted the professional boxing trainer Tinín Rodríguez and found out (and documented in video) more or less that a world champion’s at least as much as Joana Pastrana.

Trend in Mexico Arigameplays, other veteran of online content creation and one of them streamers more followers from all over the world with over 4.4 million followers on Twitch, especially popular with “Fortnite”, “GTA V” and “Minecraft”, among others. In your training for the sail, you have the opportunity to train with the legendary Julio César Chávez, who knows how to correct any odds.

Third round: Momo vs. Viruzz

Argento Momo is a fan of creating content on YouTube, Twitch and other social networks, but as it is characterized by football and especially by Platense, the club of their friends, but who does not want to promote all por dónde va. Viviendo ahora en Barcelona, ​​ha entrenado bajo la jute de Javi Gallego e incluse ha prajacado con un campeón y leyenda del boxeo mundial y argentino: Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martínez.

Viruzz, the influencer that appeals to Momo, is a creator that has all kinds of videos: video blogs, Clash Royale gameplays, comedy retrospectives … Or in the first Ibai sail in the audience that focuses more: the comb between Mr. and Mr. Jägger. Frustrated, much to the chagrin of the spectacle, demonstrating that its physical condition and its passage through the deck under the hinge round the box. At this time, partly because I prefer to spend more time training in a box that Momo and because of the difference in height.

Quarto enfrentamiento: Luzu vs. Lolito

Luzu is one of the great veterans of the internet and specifically of YouTube, because he is convinced in one of the references of hispanic community having reflections on the life, documenting the most important moments of his life (through the United States, his body or el nacimiento de su primer hijo) y hasta jugando a videojuegos. In order to get to the combined point, it is possible for Barcelona to be a part of being an active and deporting person.

Contrastingly, Lolito is one of the Hispanic referents in streaming action games, especially in games like “Fornite”, which should always be considered as one of the best Spanish speakers “Rust”. Your participation in the sailboat is one of the biggest surprises you can find that the city of weight to compete against Luzu and how to build a safe 10 year old without practicing exercise. Your favorite game is Sandor Martín.

Quinto enfrentamiento: David Bustamante vs. Mr. Jägger

Singing songs such as “Dos hombres y un destino” or “No soy un superman”, David Bustamante joins the cast of actor Jaime Lorente, who is J sergger’s initial rival. About their capabilities for the box, it does not know much about the difference between the rest of the participants, it is not an acid to document in a video or in a streaming account like this. Do not obstruct, in a video that is published in your stream, see that it is found in physical form.

In front of you is Jägger, who is convinced of the protagonist of the first Ibai sail by his humor, his face by the city of peso to stay igualdad against Viruzz and his comb against. Jägger is a veteran of the internet because of his particular, exaggerated and somewhat surreal YouTube videos so far, that he has become more popular than he was on Twitter, interpreting characters in “GTA Roleplay” or ‘dando classes’ with humor Unico. To combine the new league with one of the candidates to win the most spectacular thanks to his physical form, he practices rugby and trains boxing with Pablo Martínez at the Usera Fight Club in Madrid, the barricade gym like that .

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