What’s the significance of Casa Blanca’s advertising spell on covid-19

Washington (CNN) – “No hacks on the timeline, the virus hacks the timeline”. Ese fue el mensaje del Dr. Anthony Fauci for a united nation sent the new coronavirus as a extender by United States. Most of all, these words have new relevance to the inquiring advertisement of Casa Blanca.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins info: Biden’s goalie broadcasts a new ad from EE.UU. to see 100 million of covid-19 infections is auto and invisible, the sub-functionalities often complicate the need for more congressional funds to be prepared for the nation.

The projection of 100 million potential injections is based on a series of external models that are closely followed by the administration and that include everything as invisible, with a high CN function. The functionaries say that this estimate is based on a subjective assumption that it does not contain additional resources or means of extra-mitigation, including new funds-19 from Congress, or new dramatic variants.

El Dr. Ashish Jha, coordinator of the Covid-19 respondent at Casa Blanca, confirmed the ad during an interview with ABC News was out of the question, saying “it’s obvious or not dependent on the size of the nosotros as it does”.

“We are analyzing a series of models, all internals as externals, and the predictions are that if we are not adept at it or not, we have a great lack of immunity, this virus is evolving and we can see a bastard of considerable hospitalization, infertility y muertes esto otoño e invierno “, dijo Jha.

Ya are you justifying the cases of covid-19. Infections increased by more than 50% in comparison with the anterior semen in both stages. Parts of New York have passed the “high” design of the covid-19 community level, following the metrics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the EU. (CDC, for example in English).

The new subvariants of coronavirus: XD, XE and XF 2:21

However, when the virus actually infects 100 million people is suddenly and invariably? Hemos preguntado a la Dra. Syra Madad, the epidemiologist of NYC Health + Hospitals, on the advertisement of Casa Blanca and what is important to you. Our conversion, turning on the phone and literally editing before the sea is more fluid and flowing, will be followed by continuity.

CNN: ¿What is the opinion of this Casa Blanca advertisement?

MATERIAL: Because it’s a very important advertisement all the time in the United States, although it is not vacated as it is vacated and rejected, it will be available at the same time as it is at the rodeo antes and sabemos that hacer.

Tenemos la herramientas y los resources para protegernos and proteger a los que nos rodean. It is important that the sea is aware that the level of risk and its extent is present. As soon as possible to reduce the risk of infection and, of course, to get a grave result.

When it comes to the results of graves, we must say that the Covid-19 vacancies that function and resist must be the results of graves, such as hospitalization, assassination in the UCI, and death. At the same time, we are assured that there will be high funding for pharmaceutical companies that can be converted into bivalent and multivalent vacancies of covid-19.

CNN: Functionalities say that the estimation of Casa Blanca is based on a subjective assumption that it does not contain additional resources or additive migration methods. Are Which part is correct where the incremental sources resize a large difference?

MADAD: But suppose. Creo that most of these predictions are what, al fin and al cape, are predictions. There are models that project what to look for in the future, and we say that we have the resources and the hermeneutics to change the future.

Podemos evitar —yo diría que en general— ese número, esa candidad of persons being infected. And the fact that it has a number of problems and probably points of acceleration that have reached the figure of 100 million.

It is not clear from the weight that it is the approximate number of inferences. It can only be suggested that a combination of decreasing immunity, possibly obliviously, are likely to be completely vacant. There are only a few millions of students who only receive a dose. There are only a handful of people who do not want to take a dose. As it is a combination of all these factors, together with those that are immunocompromised.

It is important to have transparency in this procedure. A great deal of exponents of the factors that are likely to be interviewed in this figure, but it is important that we have all the factors that enter the game in this model.

CNN: The major part of the EE.UU. is totally vacant, and very little is agitated by the last of them. Cons How do you ensure that the person has the right to be targeted by the advertisements and is at the height of the pandemic?

MADAD: It’s a big question, and we’m sure that the pandemic’s fate is real and that it is installed here in the United States. These conditions occur at the height of the pandemic, which means that there are no sirens at all, as many as, possibly, stocks of stamina are sure to be there, lamentable, all of them, and miles of stagnant people are still infectious. And we say that this is essentially an overstatement.
Although it is a virus and is embedded in it, it is much more manageable than the hermeneutics that we have, but it is much more complacent. Y lo entiendo; vamos a entrar en el tercer año. It wants to fly away from the screw that is known before this pandemic.

At the same time, it is important that people know what they are doing in a pandemic. But much that we do not have in one, it is reality. It is not determined solely by who you are in the United States. También is determined by what ookurre en todo el mundo. We are looking for more than one of these sub-variants that appear everywhere in the EU, as well as all over the world. It is important that you know where you are from and how you are doing so.

We only want to know the basics. Creo that podemos hacer todas las cosas que nos gustan, pero haciéndolo de form ses sure, sabiendo que hay much more virus in the community.

Creo that actually takes place from the point of view of: ‘Do not get infected. No deberías querer néfermar, aunque sea algo manejable ‘. For me, I believe that it is the risk of a large coffin. Do not inadvertently get infected with the virus, as well as avoid it. Sigo using mascaras in the large reunions in the interior but complementary to any nursing. De hecho, me da miedo el covid largo. No matter what the repercussions of the long plazo.

J&J vacancy restricted application in EE.UU. 2:10

CNN: ¿What are the most common metrics and what should be used for attenuation?

MADAD: I do not care about the vigilance of the residual aguas, which is a temprano indicator that tells you that there is something going on in the community and that the cases are augmented.

Click here to see the map of the CDC transmission levels. This is a good indication of where the transmission levels are in your community. Of course, many places in the United States are within the median level of the Covid-19 transmission, especially in New York City.

Todavía me gustaría saber: ¿Are you adjusting your hospitalization fee in my community? Hospital Do you have a hospital available for me in case I become infected and require hospitalization? But this is not a good indicator.

CNN: What more could you ask for?

MADAD: Casa Blanca is in a very different position. Están luchando por conseguir m fonds fundos. You are very transparent that you are very concerned. Make sure that the surrounding object is not a bottleneck.

That figure of 100 million is huge, but it’s really important that Congress believes that we are all in the pandemic, even though it does not seem to be pandemic. We want to fly, rapidly to the stage in which we try to reach the masses with the micron, with a significant number of infected organs.

We do not want to stay here, right? As long as we are not assured that Congress will be really important for continent funding.

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