When Jorge Negrete came to power in December 1953, movies and theaters in the country suspended activities by lot

The legacy of Jorge Negrete more like protagonists like “Dos tipos de cuidado”, “El peñón de las almas” y de dar voz a la canciones “Ay Jalisco no te rajes”, “Allá en el rancho grande” -but mencionar un par- pues the end of the Union of Cinematographic Producers of the Republic of Mexico and the reorganization of the National Association of Actors (ANDA).

It is understood that when the screw was released on December 5, 1953, theaters and cinemas in Mexico suspended activities or provided a minute of silence.

Negrete’s death was announced, both of which suffocated a hematemesis but a sphincter sphincter was reversed. Cayó en coma, por lo que sus familiares y su esposa María Félix ya s eslo esperaban el día de su tltimo suspiro.

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Against the critical situation of the actor’s greeting – which is only 42 years old – express your desire to see and shadow Diana antes to die, embargo, expose Elisa Christy neg that the fire is desperate and no free speech for the prince when he was asked to feel it by the death of Negrete.

As well as the UNIVERSAL report on the death of Jorge Negrete.

Falleció ayer Jorge Negrete in Hollywood

December 6, 1953

Explore the artist being found in the window of Mar Fa Félix, her hermeneutics, the medicine doctor, a sacerdote and the Consul of Mexico. The scene took place at 1:33 a.m. in Mexico

United Press. HOLLYWOOD, December 5 – The idol of the Mexican theater and cinema, Jorge Negrete, falls in love with the Cedros Hospital in Lebanon, which has a strong affection for it. Only 42 years old.

The famous actor and singer, but much to his consideration the first in general in Mexico and demos in Latin America, established here since November 22, having been expelled from Mexico, to be presented in a central theater .

The hospital announced that it was produced at 11.33 am Pacific Time or at 13.33 am Mexico time.

It was established in these moments by Mar Fa Félix, that wine from Paris to be accompanied by her nurse; su emre Emilia, su hermana Consuelo y su hermano David.
Negrete murió en el quinto día del esta de coma, del que no salió en ningún momentu.

The Mexican actor suffers from a recurring ante presentation in Los Angeles. Había is a nursing nurse in Mexico with companies like this, and you who are hospitalized for more than three months.

President of the Mexican Actors Guild. Its popularity among Latin American nations and in Europe rivals the quality of most North American actors.

As soon as they were interned at the local hospital, the doctors realized that they had been tested by a major, but the emperor had been decapitated. See the menu in 12 transformations.

Because you do not have access to separate apartments or family rooms.

Negrete recibiós the extrusion of the microcosms.

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The news in Mexico

Notice the story of popular radio and film artist Jorge Negrete, the era of music but moments when it is still in the Capital that has a recurrence and that is the era of the grave, because the diagnostic that has given the medicine to the doctors that atendían al patients in the hospital.

As an embargo, among all the admirers and the public in general, there will be a remoteness of the expectation that the powder will spill or fall into the idol of the radio listeners and the Chinese cinematographers all over the country; he admired an artist accustomed to the sight of our fronts, which with its extraordinarily artistic faculties surprised the sympathies of the foreigners alike.

These last few notices are presented at any given moment, even though the engraving is being debated as “El Charro Cantor”, as the number one of them is the first to triumph as it sings on the radio or in the theater. tarde as a cinematographic actor, art in the order of extraordinary extravagances.

In the centers of the art you are contacted with angusta gravedad and many of those that run their comparators sampled in their rosettes the huellas of the dolor.

To reconsider the fatal information that Jorge Negrete has never existed, his skin is almost always stretched by all the places concurrently from the center of the city and securely reproducing even the most humiliating barricades; in all the nation you have an enormous constraint on the depart of the popular artist who only wanders in the public that sees and listens.

Photo: Hemeroteca El Universal

Jorge Negrete fue un gran conducto obrero

It also exposes many of the membranes of your cluster. Trabajador defense.

“Murió Jorge Negrete” is the first example of the fatal news that corrects all the metropolises as it regards the sweat and weight that the wind blows or the discharge of its envelope, the death of the Mexican charcoal-provocateur provoked in all its parts.

Durante la tarde de ayer, en todos lines chines se pasaron avisos de la morte de Jorge, suspendends las funtiones dinta cinco minut señal de duel, acuerdo con un orden dada por Pedro Téllez Vargas.

In a variety of spectacular halls, especially in theaters, there is a minute of silence by the detached artist.

Why not listen to Diana?

This news has not been visited yet, says Christy Gloria Marín, of Campo

The persuasive persuasion is now the ultimate moment of your death for Jorge Negrete: no need to look after you and your sister Diana, desperate to express yourself when you do not initiate your agony pen.

The first part of the celebrity actor, the second Elisa Christy, explicitly explains the causes by the unaccounted for ones that translate to Los Angeles on Diana’s shadow.

“I do not act selfishly. “That’s going to be respected,” said Christy.

“I’s sure that the theme that comes to mind, even if it’s up to my father’s death, will result in a serious impact. “Diana is very impressive and the news adds a lot to her trip to Los Angeles.”

Interrogated the search for romantic records about the famous artist, Elisa Christy, in a solemn penitentiary act as follows: He olvidado y prefiero no recordar ya nada ”.

The skin tray has been raised to this capital

The airplane will fly between five and six degrees. The ardient capillary

United Press. HOLLYWOOD, December 5th.- Mexican actor Jorge Negrete’s cousin has been transferred to the funeral home of Cunningham and O’Connor, in Los Angeles, where he is still sleeping, which he still has at night. The Mexican Consulate sent flowers; José Herrera, personal representative of fenecido declared that all the funerary ceremonies, including Rosario, are performed in the city of Mexico.

Agreed by Herrera as a specially designed aircraft from Mexico to this city to carry the cadmium to the Capital.

The plane, then informed, habrá de salir con el cadáver mañana a las nueve de la mañana, hora local; las once horas de México.

The ardient capillary

The witch of actor Jorge Negrete sailed from Los Angeles on the day of the hoy, at 11 o’clock (Mexico Hour), aboard a presidential plane flying Guaymas hacia hacked into the city, and then flew into this capital approximate las 5 y 6 de la tarde.

The fiberglass part of the Central Airport is directed directly to the edition of the National Association of Actors, to the petition of all the artists of the young artist, to install the capillary in the theater which is one of the constituents. Posteriorly, and this day the day of the hoy is precisely, possibly the sea’s skin transliterated to the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

The licensee Rodolfo Landa, who was sent from the ANDA directorate to Jorge Negrete’s nurse, was flown to the Los Angeles aircraft to have his body parts repaired and his body contacted. salida. Durante the night of the ayer, the mexican colony in a cold water, rindió los honores pumstumos al artista depaparecido.

Photo: Hemeroteca El Universal

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The ANDA commission, which has been stationed at the airport since then and recovers the cadmium, is integrated by Victor Parra, Julián, Andrés and Domingo Soler; Carlos López Moctezuma, David Silva, Ramón Armengod, Pedro Galindo, Alberto Mariscal and Miguel Inclán.

If you do not know how to quote the unseen actor, that the proximal Tuesdays all the theaters run their doors.
MONTERREY. NL, December 5, 1953.- With the motive of the bankruptcy of the actor of the national cinema Jorge Negrete, the members of the National Association of Actors in this Capital, suspend all functions and activities of their associations.

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