Which ACE pediatricians are approved by the Ministry of Health?

Guillermo Martín Carballo, vice-president of the Atención Primaria de la AEP.

La Spanish Pediatric Association (AEP) reclamation of the creation of a total of 19 Species of Specific Capacity (ACE) to ensure the correct subspecialization of your professional. It’s unfortunate that they are specialists who, more recently, have published one White Book in which they are stable 19 ACE pediatricians considering “imprescendibles”, an example that AEP has presented to the Ministry of Sanidad. For this reason, pediatricians expect to be surprised by Gobierno’s decision do not count with an ACE for Primary Athens y aseguran que “los politicos se equivocan y, como siempre, miran a corto y no a largo plazo”, subraya Guillermo Martín Carballovice-president of the AEP Primary Atención, a Medical Redaction. A malest that has been updated against the notification that “Sanidad which reconcile ACE with specifics: Neonatology and Pediatric Intensity“, segan han podido saber desde la AEP.

Tal y como señala Martín Carballo, “todas y cada una de las 19 ACE pediatricians they are reconciled, because of the security of their children, or all of them are necessary and necessary. for example “. Según Martín Carballo, this is a negative to recognize ACE Pediatrics Primary School from pie “create first and second pediatricians, who consider total disposal”. And you, at present, “hay pocos pediatras en Atención Primaria, después de esto no habrá casi nadie”, teme Martín Carballo.

The pediatrician recorded that “in la Last OPE convocada in Madrid, the Concierge has emptied the plazas of Atención Hospitalaria profiled by the specialties of Neonatology and Pediatric Intensive Care. But what, in a fashionable way, reconciled that los niños también necesitan especialistas para ser atendidos depending depending on the pathology that padezca, pero no estamos de acuerdo en que algunas sí se reconozcan y otras no “.

“If Primaria does not work, all in a cascade, including Pediatric Hospital”

Además, Martín Carballo destaca que “Recognize ACE Primary Pediatrics ACE is unnecessary that the pediatricians representing the hospital specialties recognize in the latest AEP Congress that the situation where the Pediatric Primary Athena is alive is reproducible at the hospital level “. hospitals are not allowed, because they go se lista de espera collapse; y también, en muchas ocasiones, sent to the minority in the hospital more than to be discharged to undergo certain pathologies“. All this, says Mart Carn Carballo, is the sum of what” urgent needs are accompanied by an increase in the number of minor visits. ” including Pediatric hospitals“.

A situation of what “the minister Carolina Darias is not aware of what only the two mandarins can handle White Book of ACE pediatricians from AEP, acknowledging that they can not be tested ACE of Atención Primaria“.

More formation of Primary Attention in the MIR of Pediatrics

The White Book that AEP has published a total of 19 ACE pediatricianslas cuales “se deben aprobar y reconocer todas juntas porque todas son importantes y tienen sus different formations“, according to Martin Carballo. This, for the pediatrician, is not necessary because” having the same pediatric specialties that you have in an adult, it is decisive, as an adult having a degree in being a cardiologist or urologist, not a child también lo tiene “.

Algo que también ocurre “en Atención Primaria, ya son son tan specialists’s like los demis”. According to Mart Carn Carballo, “the specialist specialists are centered in the hospital and do not know what Pediatrics is in general, as it can be said that everyone has vacancies or atención communitariafor example “.

For Mart Carn Carballo, pediatricians have been restricted from having the difference amplify their formation in Primaria and that “at MIR, when formed, does not go to a hospital level where it is difficult formation of the Atención Primariawhich is intended for Primara vale qualquiera y is not así “.

Las 19 ACE que Pediatrics pied in Sanidad

In the White Book published by AEP, the following are scaled 19 ACE pediatricians:

  • Primary / Extrahospitular Athenia

  • Cardiology

  • Intensive Cuidados

  • Palliative Care

  • Endocrinology

  • Errors of Metabolism

  • Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

  • Infectology

  • Clinical Immunology and Allergology

  • Adolescent medicine

  • Nephrology

  • Neonatology

  • Neumology

  • Neurology

  • Oncohematology

  • Pediatrics Internal Hospitals

  • Social Pediatrics

  • Rheumatology

  • Urgencies

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