which means the desire of Lopez Obrador and other leaders for Biden

(CNN) – The decision of the President of Mexico to boycott the Cumberland of America, as regional leaders are being held in Los Angeles, has been inaugurated through the work of President Joe Biden and other officials to facilitate his assistance.

Now, countries across Central America are following in the footsteps of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO, as it turns out), sending only lower-level delegates to the presidency. When it comes to Biden’s Cumbre’s in America it’s good, it’s too short on the list of invitations and assistants in the event it’s never been more ambitious, a point of frustration before it works

The decision by various member states of the allied reunion to take place in California, a protest against Biden’s decision not to invade three regional authorities, has led to a rise in the influence of the United States in a region that has been fractured politically and is being treated economically.

It has exposed the inconsistencies and contradictions in Biden’s promptness to restore democratic values ​​in extraditable foreign policy. In order to oppose dictators and invade a territory in stagnant territory, which provokes the ira and the boycott of these regional societies, their accessories are simultaneously planned for a visit to Saudi Arabia, seeing as a city at a moment’s notice global energy crisis, the historical grave of human rights in the world. The Secretariat of the Prince of Casa Blanca, Karine Jean-Pierre, is married because the reino is a “socially important”, while Biden knows an egg that must be converted into a “party”.

Video summary of Novena Cumbre from America: June 7th 21:56

Ultimately, Casa Blanca announces Tuesday that 23 years of assisting the American Chamber of Commerce is in full swing, that the administration functions against it establishing a line with iterative passages from the triennial reunion. One of the leaders who established himself unknowingly, the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, assisted in breaking the deadlock with Biden.

Without embargo, the auxiliaries of the presidents of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala will not be able to find what the United States is trying to cultivate as leaders as societies in the field of immigration, a topic that is profiled as responsive.

The functions of the united states of Descartes descartaron are luns la preoccupations about the assistance and the cimbre and dijeron that do not believe that the presence of delegates of lower level of parts alterra the result.

“I really hope that the participation in the sea does not have to be a barrier to taking significant steps into the coin. However, all of this, we are satisfied with the form in which the final product is profiled and with the compromise of other parts before “, makes a high-performance function, and aggregates that compromises variation from short to long.

The Casa Blanca insists that the president is sampling the firm in his opinion that the autocratic leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have not been invited to participate, including as a means of amplifying the differences with other countries in the region.

“In the end, the government, in addition to the creations, does not want to be invaded by dictators. We do not lament, and the president does not follow his principles,” said Jean-Pierre.

The problems stand on the horizon over the middle of the Cumberland of America

It is hoped that Biden, who lives in Los Angeles, will continue to announce a new association with parts of the western hemisphere as part of a larger amplitude to establish the region.

Yl and its administration has been working since it happened to organize the coin, which is formally announced on a passing basis. The city of Los Angeles can be selected as energy efficient. Biden named after Chris Dodd, his friend and colleague in the External Relations Committee of the Senate, as a special accessory of the event.

Dodd travels to the region to re-emerge, thanks to some of the administration administration in Central America and Sur that includes Vice President Kamala Harris and Prime Minister Jill Biden. As an embargo, as long as the strike is approached, it is evident that an event designed to reaffirm the leadership leadership in the serious obstructionist region.

Durante semanas antes to comment on money, López Obrador insinuates that boycotting people who invade all the leaders of the region, including Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, whichever of the following is ignored Units debited to their precedents in the matter of human flags. Other leaders, in their majority, point out that their tampon podrín assist as their invitations are not heard.

AMLO question quiénes invita EE.UU. to the Cumbre of the Americas 4:19

The functions of the administration are expressed privately by the fact that these leaders are clustered with their amenities, suggesting that, in exchange, they have intentions to reach out to national audiences that are thought to be skeptical with respect to the United States.

Running an April Fool’s phone call between Biden and Lopez Obrador, the theme of the room. In a nutshell, Casa Blanca says that the men “hopefully reunite now in the Cumbre of the Americas”, a sign that the administration has created AMLO assistance to the Cumbra.

Running the ultimate semantics, Dodd had long virtual sessions pressing Lopez Obrador to reconsider its boycott amenity. Some members of Congress, including Sen. Bob Menendez, the Democratic president of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, have been protesting against the invasion of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Frustration’s inertia among the functions of the administration but the pups about the invitations and the assistants establish nublando the objectives outweighed by the room.

“The main problem is that the inflation in the assistance does not alleviate the inflation in the substance, but it is logical to suggest the opposite of a fraction. It is like the period of elaboration of the substance. “It has not been commented on, only to be heard as a whole,” said Roberta Jacobson, the former ambassador to the United States in Mexico, who, like Biden, has been accused of being a front-runner.

In the end, the terminology speculation semaphores do not follow the manner in which Casa Blanca did.

“You can not tell a Cumber of the Americas if you can not assist all parts of the United States,” said Lopez Obrador at a press conference in Mexico City. “This is followed by a series of interventionist policies, out of respect for nations and nations.”

Cumbre: The departure of presidents in migratory acoustics 1:21

The Mexican president’s departure is not part of a larger, more functional rupture

Mexican businessmen have communicated their decision to the president at the Casa Blanca de antemano, and Biden enters before those notices are removed. In order to get back on track, Biden and Lopez Obrador have to reunite in Washington near me.

“The fact that this is not the case at the moment is very clear,” he said.

The functionaries intend to assume that the boycott decision is based on a specific unlocking on the list of invitations and not indicative of a major rupture.

“Because what we hear in the latest semesters, from one place to another, it is consulted, consulted with social and friendly people in the region before joining the contours of all points of view,” said the administration’s senior function. “Ultimately, the president decided and hinco hincapié is at this point in all the compromises that we have made … and that we are the ones who, by this very measure, are reunited in parts that share a set of democratic principles.”

Biden is focusing on the attraction of Americans deserving of a series of foreign policy crises in other parts of the world, including the retaliatory policy of Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Complete your first visit to Asia in the finals.

This region is one of the “autocracies versus democracies” animator messages that are being reproduced in real time, while China needs to make progress and the nations economically work hard to stay afloat or abroad.

In myperture comments, Biden said that the focus is on the “association of the Americas” that focus on five topics, including economic recovery, inversion mobilization, energy supply, fuel supply, with the expectation of strengthening the independent associations in a region where many leading leaders have been ignored.

Durante the coin, it is hoped that Biden announces more than US $ 300 million in assistance to combat food insecurity, adheres to other compromises in the private sector, as well as health initiatives and an association on climatic resilience.

New Caravan Destroys the Need to Work Rapidly on Migration

Drustic flow in the flow of venezolane to the United States 1:45

Since the beginning, the imperative of advancing immigration material has been explicitly implemented in Mexico. A new caravan of migrant party members is on the moon, programmed to light up the attraction about the theme of the leaders reunited in Los Angeles.

A United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees claims that a group of 2,300 party members is on its way to the city of Tapachula, in southern Mexico. The functionality is that the group is mostly made up of people from Venezuela, including migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba, El Salvador and Honduras.

A regional immigration group, the Derechos Human Observatory and Monitoring Team in SE Mexico, sees a bulletin that the group mainly includes families and children “who have access to migrant trimmings and a special treat” . Tapachula, located on the other side of the border with Guatemala, is a popular stopover for migrants traveling from Central America.

Mexican immigration leaders, asylum seekers and asylum seekers are required to stay in the area of ​​varying sizes with limited laboratory opportunities. The migrant caravans hacked north of the Tapachula solid with regularity passing through it, while this week parsing over one of the largest. This caravan is partially reunited in protest of immigration policies and anti-Semitism policies that are directed at the front of the EU, assuming that all are legal.

In Los Angeles, it is hoped that Biden and the other leaders will present a new migration document, denominated in the Los Angeles Declaration, lasting its reunions. It is obligatory to explain how the parts of the region and all the world should share the responsibility of joining the migrants.

Operators opting for a Mexican company.

– Priscilla Alvarez and David Shortell of CNN contribute to this information.

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