¿Which revelation of the last salud las argoas of the children when humedecen?

If you spend more than one minute in the shower or chapoteando in a pool and your children tend a dramatic transformation.

Donde antes se veían delicadas spirals de epidermis levemente rígida ahora hay unos anordados pliegues de piel de uva pasa.

The impactor exchange is familiar, but it is always disconnected.

Slow down the mouths of the young men and women under the sun watersuch as other parts such as knuckles, torso, torso, and permanently igual of the leaves that enter the water.

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This is the way of life that has given us a lot of our busy minds and the work of decadent scientists.

Much can be preoccupied with entertaining which is the reason for the arrows, but more recently, the purpose of which, and which is in proportion, is attracting the attraction of investigators.

Pero podría ser hasta m interess Interesting aún lo that our starry stars can reveal about our salute.

Pliegues, pliegues

Toma one 3.5 seconds in agua tibia (40 degrees Celsius considering temperature óptima) for those who want the air conditioning, meters that at cooler temperatures of more than 20 degrees Celsius, can be held for up to 10 minutes.

Most of the studios have found that they require approximately 30 minutes in the water to capture the maximum of the roads.

Consequently, it is created that the arrows of their hands are a passive response in which the upper caps of the pelvis hinchaban in the medium that the agua inundaba traces the cells through a conical process such as osmosis: process carried by the coal atraviesan a membrane to equip the concentration of solutions and ambos of the misma membrane.

Pero ya en 1935, los íntíficos sospechaban que había algo más allá en todo is process.

Doctors studying patients with lesions in which the median nerve (one of the main nerves that attracts the armpit and the armpit) has been shown to cause the patient’s grandparents to be aroused in agua.

Photo: Getty Image by BBC

To get many roles, the median nerve ayuda to control the lymphatic activity activities, as well as the use and construction of blood vessels.

The decoupling suggests that the action taken by the detached children is being controlled by the nervous system.

Flujo sanguíneo

Posterior studies by doctors medically in the 1970s proportionally provide evidence of this decoupling, and propose the use of manuscripts in the agua as a simple test to ascend the alcove of a nervous breakdown process inconscientious as the blood flow.

Luego, in 2003, neuroscientists Einar Wilder-Smith and Adeline Chow, working at the National University Hospital of Singapore at the moment, mediate the blood circulation of the summoned cells in the voluntary agua.

If the media says that the point from the point of view of the targets to the target, the flowing flow of the targets is only a significant difference.

When using a local anesthetic cream that causes blood vessels to flow temporarily, it detects that the production of levels similar to that of the windshield does not produce an agitation effect.

“I have no sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise,” said Nick Davis, a neuroscientist and psychologist at the Metropolitan University of Manchester.

“The points of the vats are ponied and because the constriction of the vases is restricting the sum of the superfluity.”

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But why?

As long as you control your nerves, you will find that your skin cells are reacting in an active way to stay in the water.

“If you decide that’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s good’s,” says Davis. “You want to find out if we can afford it”.

With the addition of 500 volunteers visiting the London Museum of Science in 2020, Davis said he would not need to force a plastic object.

In the best way, in a very surprising way, the winds with the winds are strong and the winds blow only when the wind blows the winds, which only the winds blow, but the wind blows on the object of the wind.

But when the mangoes are boiled in the water for a few minutes, then the mangoes are pounded, the agar being poured into groups of water to weigh which the mangoes are then seasoned.

“The results are increasingly clear,” says Davis.

“The arrows increase the friction between the objects and the object. What is particularly interesting is that our nodes are sensitive to the change in the superficial friction and that we must use this information to apply the force to agitate an object” .

Your unloading coincided with the other investigators, who found that the arrows of our nostrils facilitated the agar of swarming objects.

Some scientists have suggested that the nostrils should be actuated as their own in the neumatic or in the swamp of the zapatos.

The channels that produce the ayudan arrows to follow the water, the point of contact between the targets and the object.

This suggests that the leaves of the puddles evolve into algae at the point of nestro passed to the plants to grow objects and superficial mojadas.

Y, ¿para qué?

“How to get the most out of the agua, or the Assyrians who have to go to the locomotive in very humid conditions or to potentially manipulate the objects of the agua,” says Tom Smulders, a neuroscientist evolving from the New World. conducted the 2013 studio.

Podría haberle dado a nuestros ancestros a venta clave cuandando tenían que caminar sobre rocas og agarrando ramas, por emjemplo.

Alternatively, pudo habernos ayudado a atrapar alimos as los mariscos.

“If the explanation is the ultimate, implication that it is a unique characteristic of human beings, even though they are not, we expect to see other primates tamed,” says Smulders.

Photo: Getty Image by BBC

Other specs

When we see all the crickets in their barns, most of them crawl and bite in the world of primates, as well as chimpanzees, but the barn owls of Japanese macaques, which grow on their own in hot water, but they are far away. han visto arrugarse después estar sumergidos en agua.

Although there is a record of evidence, it does not seem to matter that it does not exist, it can be supplemented by the fact that it does not seem to be good enough, says Smulders.

“We do not know what to do with it.”

There are many interesting tracks about how to get rid of this adaptation in our specialty.

The arrows of the children are notorious in the salad water and at the same time as when they are eaten in the sweet water. Probably, this is because the gradient of saline between the skin and the environment that the rodea is most often in the salad water, as the imbalance of saline that indicates the nervous fibers are dramatic menus.

As it can be an adaptation that adds to our older ancestors more than just living in the heart water, which in coastal areas.

However, there are firms and firms that complement the physiological response that happens by coincidence, without any type of adaptive function.

More questions

From the other way, there are other mysteries: the most time-consuming to get rid of the arrows that the men, but for example.

Y ¿por qué regresa nuestra piel a su esta normally, normally between 10 y 20 minutos, si there is no ninguna paving at the time of agarrar objetos secos si tenemos dedos arrugados?

How do you do all this cool stuff and get rid of clutter you don’t need?

A razor can be used on the sensation exchange that causes the arrows. The points of our nostrils are those of nervous terminations, and the arrows in our nostrils change their manner in such that they feel like things (although a study has shown that there is no effect of differential ability to differentiate between objects).

Pero las arrugas de nuestros dedos en el agua puede revelar important information about nuestra salud en manras surpresivas también.

Thrombosis occurs in people who have conditions such as psoriasis and vitiligo, for example.

Patients with cystic fibrosis experience excessive palpitations of the palms of the hands equal to those of the children. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes mellitus report markedly reduced levels of colds when their muscles are swollen.

In a similar way, there are reduced pathways in people with cardiac collapse, but the greater the degree of interruption in the control of the cardiovascular system.

Including, an asymmetric arrogant moment of the children, in which one hand arrows from the other to keep the time flowing in the agua, although it is suggested as a seal pattern of Parkinson’s nurse, in the sense that it indicates the sympathetic nervous system is not functioning correctly in a body oil.

As, being continually present because of which our hands and feet are being held in principle, our unveiled nails are sent to the utensils for the medicine of the corresponding ways.

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