Who is a nahual: Martha Pico, sana con ancestral medicine

Su consulting recipients to patients with an offer to their ancestors of the Mother Tierra, los four elements represented by the water, the fire of a sail, the life with a buoy of water and the ground with the light of the arena; at the center of the supply is the image of an indigenous pupa indigenous representing its line, its abuses.

“La “Madre Naturaleza nos provee de todo lo necesario para vivir”, lyrics by Martha Piconombrada abuela de tradition, a nahual that is dedicated to sanar with ancestral medicine. Use hereditary techniques and conjunctions to trace the codices that are transmitted by shadows or alumni masters.

Práctica se llegó a considerar brujería

Share that to activate anteriorly to consider brujeria derived from cosmogony or European creationss, igual way to relate to chamanism, sin embargo, ella consider a nahual, which have the capacity to record animal forms mediating a mental projection.

“We are nahuales, no chamanes, pero las personas per desconcimienti or medium best use the word Sámano which is actually how to sign. Chamán how do you get word out that it’s a little too much, all for the sentences, it’s an imported word from Siberia and the meaning “hombre de conocimiento”.

Assuming that the practices and costs of the original pubs converge more than that of the lymphatics, it treats the energy chain correctly in order to repair it, an activity that can be achieved by simply combining it with your own knowledge. vida.

“It’s a magical world that has a logical or scientific answer. Hay cosas que todavía no podemos sustentar efficiently, pero todo lo que hacían nuestros ancestros era física quantántica”.

Ha Who wants a truck?

If the llama chamom is a person who has the capacity to have a clear vision, which can go and move from tangible to intangible, that you can talk about spirituals, all plants, animals and people. Ser chamán es estar in constant aprendizaje ”.

Martha concludes that men and women work with herbalists to induce other ways of natural way, conjugating what the plant contains, and an alternating state of consistency without the ingestion of organic matter. It can be traversed from the stage of association (as it is known).

“No es hypnosisthat hacemos is that which enters into a stage of association to resolve and see more than all that can be seen with its human beings. It is part of our natural nature. Las neurosciences that carry information about the capacity that the brain has to create, through which it stands in pairs”.

In your experience, share that many people who logran tener habilidades to see more than all that the population of the curanderos, hechiceros, chamanes or videntes, but the general desatan its potential and abren canals luego from a vivencia traum .

Su extraordinaria vida por linaje

Martha Pico was born into a family of people using the same lineage and costumes as ancestral medicine, whose mother-in-law abducted her from the original Pame puberty, although her father was the only one who served as her father. mediums, media outlets between lives and deaths in the body for a tight train.

“La hermana mayor de mi padre fue spirititista desde muy niña. For these lines there are several different capacities. Vemos cosas que otros no ven, son cosas in the form of holograms y la luz no tiene brillo, es mate; with the distinguishing time what is real and what is not lo ”.

In a nutshell, a couple of years of hard work will keep you from scurrying up and down the aisle that your family’s demons do not like.

“The house where you live in Saltillo, but in Alameda, was very old and you could see that there was a room that had a bathroom and a sink in the washing machine, even though one of them was a living room with a room with a purple color ‘ .

The medium is not present in the body because it always smuggles algae sentiment logically and its presently subnatural suits, which form a character with the intention of controlling its emotions and which it slams into.

Doña Tala, la huesera del barrio

Todo cambió cuando le presentaron a la se Tora Tala, the barrier huera in the Centro de Saltillo area. Eran finals of the unlucky ones. The mystical woman in the dejaban encargada a “piquita” lasting the machines.

I first observe the quiropractic works that Tala realizes, the way of decoupling that which manos and ment eran capacities of hacer.

“The seals of the limpiza ponían las cruces. Un d mia mi padre me llevó con la huesera del barrio. The first solo días me dejaba ver cómo atendía a la gente, pero luego me enseñó a manejar la energía, a sobar, a ser una huesera ”.

Hablar con las plantas sin necesidad de cortarlas

Así aprendió a realize energy bullets of acomodarlas; hasta hablar with the spirit of the plantsa cómo decirles which are accompanied by the name without the need for strings, sobre todo plantas de olor como epazote, romero, ruda o pirul.

“Mentras that a solo medicine suppress the symptoms of a nurse, dentro the reconnaissance of the herbarium is both the origin of the problem, which is the anemic stage of the person.”

A ray that is not the party

Martha establishes a collection of books and a collection of papas and works, topographer. It consists of a ballast type seal on the caliper of a cay ra ray on its body. Most importantly, it is the reciprocal impact of the presence of cloud cover, a phenomenon that science describes as possible. The storm has varied meters and inconsistently takes about a minute.

Inside the medical attraction that does not require the appearance of solid or non-solid salts. Taking the plastic to the table Tala lo’s scorpion, opt for changing the gear that the llevaba.

“It seems that the radio has given me much more education and the use of my manos. Quizá no fue muy bueno porque me dejó une cerebral lesion, pero también fue algo maravilloso porque me dejó el poder hacer cosas distintas, al mover mis manos se movían las nubes, a mi canto se movían las astrellas, podía dirigir el v tiempero o granicero ”.

Quitar, no poner energías

“Consciousness is energy and when it pushes a direction of direction that can affect the center of a person”, Martha shares respecting the small energies that can be transmitted to all persons, both to the mentally vulnerable.

A sus 16 years old. Martha did not count on her abilities to quote this type of malle and no pudo hacer nada. Now it is convenient that your labor is inflated only to sanitize prójimo, nunca affectarlo.

“I’m not compromising with the masses and with them divina presencia a quitar, nunca de poner. “Unsurprisingly, we are exporting technical determinants that are not used in Mexico, such as African wood, Egyptian magic, Santeria, which are also exchanged for cookbooks served by medical people and women.”

Prestó servicio lasting about 18 years in a state of health while being treated with chiropractic masses up to two patients per daylo cual para ella era como ir a una library where the knowledge is based on the experiences of the demosand the day when Martha Pico came to sanar.

“Me siento bien conmigo misma, quitar y no poner me trae mucha paz. It is convenient for the largest elevation to be heard. “Even though it is triumphant and fragmented, it has changed a lot”, added.



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