Who is Joel Díaz, the Mexican trainer from Dmitry Bivol?

Joel Díaz form part of Dmitry Bivol's team (Photo: Twitter / @ JoelDiazBoxing)
Joel Díaz form part of Dmitry Bivol’s team (Photo: Twitter / @ JoelDiazBoxing)

The night before May 7, 2022 the Mexican boxing show left on one of them sorpresas more than the last years. Saúl Álvarez cayó intentionally to reach the second corona in half Dmitry Bivol. The best books for books no pudo demonstrate its style and plethora thanks for the intervention Joel Díaz, the trainer that integrates into the fabric of the weave in Kyrgyzstan and scatters meshes of the skin by its texture 175 pounds.

The intentional instruction that accomplishes by responding to Avni Yildirim no ica Unica opportune to fire the team encamped by Eddy Reynoso. Joel Díaz, michoacano trainer which radika in United States, a revenge against the plant Dmitry Bivol is stabilized in the weight of the bars and the arrows to prepare the defense against the best book by book.

“The plan of the diaper should be exactly what it should be (…) We’s still an arena where 99.9% are against me and ganamos. This night’s tocó a great triumph. When Bivol stays in my camp, it takes about half a month to train and include me in the team. I do not know how to treat hair loss on my arm like I did with Callum Smith, but yo le ponía hielo round por round ”declare the microphones de TUDN after the duel.

Joel Díaz enters Dmitry Bivol from the middle half of the box (Photo: Youtube / No Puedes Jugar Boxeo)
Joel Díaz enters Dmitry Bivol from the middle half of the box (Photo: Youtube / No Puedes Jugar Boxeo)

Y es que Díaz conoce sobra a Saúl vlvarez. From the 12 year olds established in California, united by the fact that they subsequently reach the box office, and incur in the exit of the guantas, first as an athlete and despised as a pre-tracer back. Up to date of origin of Kyrgyzstan, its presentation card more fuerte fue Thimothy Bradleycon quien hizo historia al superar a Juan Manuel Márquez and Manny Pacquiao.

Aunque los logs obtenidos no le hicieron justicia frente a los reflectores mundial, fue testigo del crecimiento of one of the largest Mexican peleadors in the last years. Saúl vlvarezwhich since 2012 has completed all its files in United States, comment on study object between boxers and trainers que buscaron superarlo. As an embargo, to take care of the Mexican style, Díaz is positioned as indicated by the veneer.

Fue así tras confirmation of return of Saúl Álvarez at 175 pounds, the Bivol team is looking for Díaz. Poco imported the scandalous pig that was under duck searching the boxers of the Concejo Mundial de Boxeo (CMB) and the Boxeo World Association (AMB) under the mandate of the Turkish Yildirim at the rate of 168 liras formula for superar al major books by books.

Up to 12 rounds of intense tennis, Dmitry Bivol retouched 175 pounds (Photo: Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY Sports)
Up to 12 rounds of intense tennis, Dmitry Bivol retouched 175 pounds (Photo: Joe Camporeale / USA TODAY Sports)

Pelea tras pelea, Saúl vlvarez he has the reputation of being grateful to him tremenda fuerza that has been cultivated in its fields. The embargo is not the only weapon in its repertoire. When rivals resist resisting guarding to clear the rostrum, the carpet will recover golpes in los brazos to provoke chance and a space to connect to lethal gancho. This plan has been highly recommended by members of the Canelo Team.

In this sense, you are intent on harassing Bivol, with the final marble of the main weapon, Díaz reveals the strategy and preparation of his team to anticipate the plan of vlvarez. Fue asce desceso tras dessanso intentaron marble el cansio en el brazu izquierdo del ruso with applije hielo. The strategy works, as the michoacano saliva pupa avante.

Dmitry Bivol's style Grace prevails over Joel Díaz's ideas (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)
Dmitry Bivol’s style Grace prevails over Joel Díaz’s ideas (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

The battles of the quadaron battalion plasmadas in the extremity of Dmitry, once the hematomas are present, they are present when the person has the cod. In the foot of the herida, soportó los embates del poderoso Canelo Vlvarez and follow the predictions of the following cases of gratitude to your coach accordingly.

“El sabía. You know that many boxers who have hard time with it Caneloa peleadorazo, entraban intimidados. Mel me decía ‘entrenador, yo no estoy intimidado. This is the list ‘. It is imported. The principal should enter the quadrillator at the middle and at the respect. Por eso cada round le preguntaba. Cuando faltaban cuatro rounds me dijo ‘coach, aunque falten cinco estoy bien. No hay problema ‘”, assured Carlos Aguilar.


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