Who is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida?

(CNN Español) – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is seen as possibly a presidential candidate in 2024, a situation that has led to Donald Trump’s inside the Republican Party.

What exactly is it? It is a vista and its political life and career.

Biography and key data

  • Ron DeSantis was born on September 14, 1978 in Jacksonville, Florida, with his biographical record in the United States Congress.
  • DeSantis studied at the universities of Yale and Harvard, based on his official biography, and served as the official general of Abogacia General in the United States Marina between 2004 and 2010, having relocated to Iraq.
  • It can be seen as a federal fiscal and electrically representative in the United States Congress in 2012, as it will be in 2018, leading to a re-election of the governor of Florida (as of 2019).
  • This is done with Casey DeSantis and the juveniles are three hundred.
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis.

Carrera politics

DeSantis was elected for the first time since 2012, when it bought and sold — as a member of the Republican Party — for the representative cargo. Luego, reelegido en 2016.

Do not hesitate to represent one of the main defenders of President Donald Trump and a Republican Party leader. Turning to governor of Florida, when Trump owns his residence in Mar-a-Lago, he reaffirms his influence over the current Republican geographical base.

Ambros podrían chocar, sin embargo, are effectively counted in the republican primacy in 2024, in a context in which the current president, the democrat Joe Biden, cae in la encuestas.

DeSantis slammed into more controversial Trump controversy questions: Critics reprimanded only fiscal investigator Robert Mueller over Russia’s current interference in the 2016 presidential election — because Trump’s elegy amorphous “y” vagas “in a 2017 article that gave Mueller a list of counts for a” focus “investigation.

In 2018 CNN reported that DeSantis established a list of representatives who received reciprocal contributions from the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the 2016 campaign.

DeSantis’s attack on Florida governorship in the energy of 2019 — in spite of its relevance is over — and is expected to debug the covid-19 pandemic in a state plagued by the virus: with 1,199,724 confirmed cases and 10,895 , the Miami-Dade condominium is located among the most affected of the country, according to Johns Hopkins University.

In this context, DeSantis has been criticized for ordering the benefit of their restrictions against the majority of other distritos, and being consistently mandated by the mandatory mandate of using mascaras.

Do not do this: prohibit vacancy passports (including those that are actually fired) and block vacancy requirements against covid-19 of the private embodiments, intending to distinguish between “encampment governors”, protect the capital rights and individual liberties.

DeSantis, al frente de la agenda republicana

DeSantis has also been thoroughly targeted at students by the study plan in schools, a central element for Republicans.

The Florida Education Commission announces April Fools’ Day, with 41% of all math textbooks being researched by DeSantis, claiming to include “ado-determinant concepts such as racial essentialism.”

DeSantis compares back to school with bin Laden 1:00

These media are equivalent to censorship and lead to the marginalization of the most vulnerable people who are struggling with identity problems, because the governor of Florida has repeatedly said that he objectively protects the people.

In this context, Florida law provides for the final approval of a series of Disney-led projects, including disputes between the company and DeSantis but a new one that limits the number of discussions about sexual orientation. and the gender identity.

One of the projects that eliminates the unique status that permits Disney operates as a freelance goblin in all parks themed in Orlando. Elsewhere eliminating a Disney presence is a project of a social network that is being passed on, but with suspicion due to the decision of a federal government.

Á What is the result of this agitation agenda that DeSantis’s owning from the Florida governing body, and which will show its chances by 2024?

The latest ultimatums show that the Republican now has a superior approval of up to 50% in the State, with around 40% of the negative image. A situation, according to analysts, enviable for any governor who knows that a pandemic has struck.

Informed by Maeve Reston, Zachary B. Wolf, Dianne Gallagher, Steve Contorno, Rachel Janfaza and Harry Enten.

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