Who is the creator of the polemical tennis players Balenciaga

Launchers by Balenciaga brand at a cost of US $ 1,850 and like this


Tennis launched by the Balenciaga brand at a cost of US $ 1,850 and which style is “sock” and “roto”.

Desgarrado, sucio, pero a la venda por US $ 1,850.

The best brand Balenciaga launch a downloaded version of your tennis Paris High Topand those who are bautized as los Full Destroyed or completely destructive.

Accompanied by the firm’s portal, it is a limited edition and is available in black and white. The model, además, leba grabado el codiciado nombre de la undertresa.

The new creation, without embargo, has happened criticized in social networks and caused the creation of much more memes.

Pero, i quién está detrás del nuevo zapato?

A rejection designer

Llevan la firma del diseñador Demna Gvasaliacreative director of Balenciaga since 2015.


Gvasalia Nation in Georgia in 1981 when the Soviet Union established itself. But in 1993, when he was only 12 years old, he was convicted of felony criminal mischief, but his family was killed by a civil war.

Return to Georgia to study international economics at Tbilisi State University in the capital of the country.

Graduated from the Real Academy of Bellas Artes de Amberes, Belgium, where she obtained her master’s degree in fashion design in 2006.

Hoy vive con su esposo, el micosico y compositor francés Loïck Gomez, and its feathers in a pond near Zurich, Switzerland. Habla con fluids seis idiomas.

The Moldavian experience of refuge is reflected in your personality and in your collections. Most recent Paris Fashion Week, celebrating this year, Gvasalia rindió homenaje a los refugiados.

Demna Gvasalia

Getty Images

Demna Gvasalia, creative director of the Balenciaga brand, praised Georgia’s birth in the midst of civil war.

Meet the caminaban models, recite a poem in Ukrainian, like confess fue difícil a personal level.

The crisis in Ukraine, followed by Georgia, resulted in a series of traumas.

He converted me to a refuge for example“, said in a communicative broadcast before the parade.

“For example, because it is something that is done with our bodies. The medium, the desperation, the compression of what we do not know”, added.

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From the unfamiliar illustration to the fashion star

When designed by Kering’s conglomerate, owned by Balenciaga and other brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci, Gvasalia era un unconscious.

Tennis Balenciaga

Getty Images

In 2019, Balenciaga’s superpowers’s US $ 1,000 million, while the millennials are its main clients.

The industry incursion is produced as a founder of Vetements, the brand of urban anarchic robe launched with his brother Guram in 2014.

But with its subversive style and activism, Georgian has consolidated its name as a star in the selected universe of famous stylists.

También has converted a Balenciaga in the brand of more rapid cremation in the light market.

In 2019, you will increase US $ 1,000 million and consider one of the first three companies in The Lyst Index, a ranking most popular brands and fashion products.

For that, Gvasalia account with a public file: the millennials, representing 65% of the clients of Balenciaga.

Kim Kardashian and Demna Gvasalia at the 2021 Met Gala in black.

Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Demna Gvasalia assist at the 2021 Met Gala in black. The theme of this edition is America: A Lexicon Of Fashion.

“Creo that this decade probably represents the most specific moment of the fashion“, dijo Gvasalia about exchanges in the industry in an interview with the British periodical Financial Times in 2019.

“Anyway, it’s landing. Pero los timpos han cambiado. The form in which we communicate with our newest clients is a completely different story,” he added.

Hablarle and a younger generation

Y, al menos por ahora, Gvasalia parece saber communicating with his public.

It is no exception that it is described as mismo as “an Instagram voyeur”. al designer is conjugated to create “pegajoso” visual content that proliferates online.

“Generation more young people is more informed and more politicized. And it’s time to turn on activism and go to bed,” he said. Financial Times en la misma interviewee.

Demna Gvasalia

Getty Images

This is what sucedió with you zapato hybrid, the Triple S, which combines three different spare parts and is the exhaust speed of Balenciaga.

In the opinion of Katy Lubin, vice president of communications of Lyst, Gvasalia is the grand master of the memes de fashion“y dice que ve” an enormous amount on the page views of the most experimental pieces Balenciaga the media that goes viral “.

Pese a ello, Gvasalia le dijo al diario britákn que se se precupa tanto por los likesas if it were “intuition”.

“In the end, the way to communicate is through clothes. No tweets, no thanks to Dios, no hago on the style. Hago clothes. For me, los ‘me gusta’ on Instagram are now irrelevant as hacking a product and investigating qué le gusta a la gente “.

Queda por ver ahora si la intuition de Gvasalia es aguda: ¿será el tennis “destruido” an excitement?

If we do not want to use the latest lasamientos, it is more likely to be.

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