¿Why is it important to explore your talent and how to replicate it in your bienestar?

“The genius is the oro escondido in the mine, the talent the mine that strives for extraterrestrials”, the novelist Marguerite Power (in the initial XIX) reflects these concepts. Having a lot of talent in the internal laboratory but most of all in the office, the main activities that take place in a natural form and convert into a form of screw support the personal bienestar in considerable form. Según Toni Struch, musician and author of the book Geniotype (Diana, 2022): “Talent is the conjugation of innate biological capacities which, on the other hand, do not approach the screw ratio”.

All people are well on their way, being on the couch, organizing the house or resolving conflicts. For example, you can have talent for music, music, sports,… It’s all that takes place in all the realities of reality. “It is related to the cosmos, mainly with intelligence and, of course, with aptitude. Pero tiene que darse de manera natural. “Normally, it’s hard to deny that infancy, but what I’m trying to do is get away with it”, exposes the clinical psychologist Elena Daprá.

Ó How do you identify talent?

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All of these people are full of grief, and convincingly refuse our talents from infancy

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As the psychologist advised, I did not confuse talent with overdoting. But this concept is related to ability. “It’s the ultimate, it is the activity or capacity that a person has to hack, explore or potentiate essential qualities”, continent Daprá. De hecho, “The talent is divided into perceptive motor, cognitive and creative abilities. “But, talent constructs talent,” said Struch. One point at a time to identify personal talent is the question: ¿Who is the one you like the most? “Si me agrada hacer algo y me sale bien, seguiré repitiendo y eso se convierte en talento”, explica Daprá.

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Through the connection of the interests of interest can be given to the individual of his interest. “We take for granted the perception of what our passion and our individual abilities are. “It’s left to us not to have fun with what we need in both worlds or countries, including to find out which ones satisfy us,” Struch said in a book.

The psychologist has a clue about the context as one of those responsible for alguine not knowing how to show off his talent. “También the fold of attenuation, of the work of self-conjugation or that which is in a context in which it carries out activities that do not have the taste and tense the focal point in others”, added Daprá. In these cases where the talent is not evident, the expert recommends making a list of activities that can be downloaded by default. “It is important to have a clear understanding of the interests and interests of the practice,” said Daprá. Pugen dar algunas pistas phrases like “yo soy capaz de hacerlo”, “aquí puedo responder”, “confío en mí mismo”, “me siento muy cómodo” or “puedo solverver sin problema”.

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Convert talent into genius by turning it into a vital objective

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On the other hand, Struch recovers a very intuitive formula to reconcile: “Anything that eats away at the notion of time, part of your talent”.

Talents for all tastes

There are no good or bad talents, but many things are more important than anything else. This does not mean that it relates to material output. “There is a false belief that a world does not associate itself with fame or the other. Y no es así. We have a lot of talents more than their minimalist finals, which for the grandees or the impressive ones that appear ”, Indru Struch in his writing. Of course, music advises that intentionally emulate the talent of conocidos characters who can be counterproductive. “Create a mental image of what you want to achieve in a meaningful way. For example, ‘yo quiero ser como Messi’. The image of being like Messi is not real, it is natural in you. Persuading this image in the form of your own alliance of your authenticity ”, commented the empiricist.

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As an embargo, as exhibited in your book the ability to “cook, describe, idear, pintar, mediate to resolve conflicts, accumulate, reunite and take the family away from a message, guide, solve problems, search, leer cuentos, hacer rer .. All these donors are much heavier than the creams. The talents are unimaginable, as they facilitate the screw and the screw to reach the top ”, the text continued.

Convert talent into genius

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When we dedicate ourselves to worlds that we are passionate about worlds of the best

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On the other hand, Daprá subraya the importation of psychological talents, which can add another type of talent: “Destroying the gesture of emotional intelligence, in social abilities…”.

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The culmination of the talent of the unique and young hacerlo series. Pero, how do you get rid of genius? “We are in contact with one of the most influential people at the disposal of the human being: the capacity to explore, who do not have the impulse to take on new possibilities of interest in other situations. For aprender, we must be assassinated. Otro factor impresindible para desatar nuestra genialidad es poner atención para captar lo que el mundo quiere enseñarnos y, así, nutrir nuestra creatividad ”, concluded Estruch.

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