¿Why is the Celtics track of different colors?

The garden track curve has its origins throughout the Second World War, leading to a manufacturing crisis that obliges the team to take advantage of different levels of natural resource to conform to a duel

There is no more recognizable park in the balloon than the one Garden. The national team was based in Segunda Guerra Mundial. The construction of the ship, destined for the construction of military boats, is obligatory Celtics to mix small pieces of colored cloth to arm the track. This park is the history of the NBA. “There are stadiums that share the ghosts and the Garden is one of them,” said EFE Richard Johnson, director of the Celtics Museum since 1982.

De Red Auerbach y Bill Russella Larry Birdpasando por el trío Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett y Ray Allenhasta llegar a Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart y Jaylen Brown. Los Celtics siguen agrandando su leyenda y pelean en estas Finales NBA because the series has a decoupling title, an absolute record. The iconic park of Boston each point in the commodity constructs the 50-year-old with new ambitions of this invisible 2022.

Responsive for preserving the inestimable value of their history Celtics es Richard Johnson (Worcester, Massachusetts, 1955), the director of the ‘Sports Museum’ Bostonuprooted by TD Garden, where you can admire trophies, historical photos and relics of one of the most traditional franchises in the NBA.

Celtics display from these eyes, Johnson occupy the museum since 1982 and is an authentic vivo manual of the history of the team and of the Garden: Garden es uno de ellos “, cuenta.

The construction crisis, locked in a unique park

Not in the history of ballooning a park more recognizable than the Celtics. As an embargo, the leyenda forjada and the largo of the aisos originate from a simple necesidad.

The park is installed in the Garden the principals of the 40-year-old World War II, led by the United States, used large numbers of weapons for military purposes, such as the construction of barges, finalized by the defender and the country.

During this period it was very difficult to find tables made of the same color as if they were in the park Garden establishes shaped by colored difference pieces.

“The made-to-caliber, solo-colored wind era is made to be a recognizable element of the team. Do not scrutinize other teams that converge on a park that is actually a ‘particular brand’,” Johnson told EFE.

What about the demos of teams contingent with parks of color mass? Boston no nation as capital of ballooning, sino se convirtió in capital is deported to the following years, on the basis of legendary triumphs. Other United States states, such as Philadelphia, Chicago, or New York, have only a handful of stadiums used by university teams, although there is no crisis at all.

No air conditioning for the Lakers

“It seems that the rivals are a Boston knowing that the Celtics only a brutal camp vent. Existence of the fact that it has parts made of more plaster in the algae areas of the track and the ball do not reboot normally. In reality, the south balloon is in a park and not in the sky. “It simply came to our notice then.

“In el Garden hace años no había air conditioned. Up to 38 years old Pat Rileytechnical entons of the Lakers, sejj a la NBA because the guest’s dressing room does not only have air conditioning, but there is also a rule that stipulates it. La NBA llamó a Red Auerbach y él les colgó el teléfono “, coenta.

Finally, Auerbach received his petition NBAaunque lo hizo preparando una ‘sorpresa’ para los Lakers.

“Vinieron los Lakers y esse d haa hacía muchísimo calor,, más de 37 degrees, y se uncontraronn máquina del air-conditionedo en el vestuario. Lo iconico’s que ne installa installa i ne se podía usar”, recuerda.

It’s one of the many stories that contributes to the creation of the title Garden and the Auerbach prophecy now that it is objectively clear that its rivals are making incoherent, that “odiaran” jugar in essay stadium.

Among the many enemas of Garden estaba Bill Laimbeeragainst the Detroit Pistons, one of the great rivals of the Celtics in the age of 80, which only has the cost of “digging into the logo of the opposite side of each” on the track.

The new park

Ninguna table made of Garden original usa in the actual stadium, donde los Celtics juegan desde 1995. Eso sí, se mantuvo durante quatro años, hasta 1999, antes de ser completely remodelado.

As an embargo, francia honrió is a tradition and is made using colors made of different colors to arm the track.

The current park is of third generation, where NBA introduce a rule that imposes on teams renovating their track each year.

“The rule is relatively new and the park has only been recently renovated. It is notable that it is the third in 75 years of franchise history,” Johnson said.


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