¿Why would Brad Pitt want Angelina Jolie?

Brad Pitt says that Angelina Jolie deliberately wants the actor’s negotiations and now demands to go to court against her ex-husband

Parece que Johnny Depp y Amber Heard not the only famous figures who tend to have a complicated divorce. In the midst of controversy over the custody of their voices /, Brad Pitt to ensure that you are out of the box, Angelina Jolie search deliberadamente hacerle daño located part of the stock that only about a wine product company.

Pitt also that Jolie’s shares fueron hechas con “Alevosía y ventaja” para dañar su negotiation, por lo que ahora busca demand the actress en donde exige a juicio to determine the compensation that should be paid to the actor by the children who provoke and negotiate.

Demand in empirical reality February of this year, pero ahora el actor busca llevar a Jolie a juicio. ¡Aquí te explicamos todo lo que debes saber sobre su demand!

Brad Pitt wanted Angelina Jolie

The Family Company of Brangelina

In 2008, the company acquired the shares of the company Château Miraval, which included a huge house and a view of France. Following the present request by Brad Pitt on June 3, “Pitt and Jolie offer the property as a house to share with your friends and family as a family bargain.” Y, supuestamente, cuando firmaron divorce papers in 2016, they agree that they do not sell their parts without the consent of the other.

The Miraval navigation paveja pa navja and fue ahí donde se casaron in 2014 with a small ceremony assisted by 22 people. Ahora, the demand is that the actor “Hizo crecer Miraval has been converted into a multimillion-dollar global negotiation and one of the most acclaimed rosé wine producers in the world without Angelina Jolie’s name.”

The abogados of Brad Pitt ensure that the actress nunca tuva nada que ver with the negotiation, and that fue solo gracias on the star of Once Upon A Time in… Hollywood que se logró llegar hasta ahí.

“Jolie did not contribute to the departure of Miraval. In place, Pitt pushes the diner and uses it to gain the degree of consent that he’s going through and to the degree of preference acquisition.

Legal representatives of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of harassing a big dog

É Qué hizo Angelina Jolie?

Miraval shares share 50/50 dividends between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Without the embargo, in October 2021 the actress decided to take part Tenute del Mondo, the company wine division Stoli Group, dominated by Yuri Shefler, an Israeli-British multimillionaire. I do not know the amount because the actress placed her shares, per se substantially I love Brad Pitt’s consent.

This sale, substantially, has been added to the Pitt wine negotiation. Not only because Jolie “forced” her to negotiate with a new socio-commercial who did not know, but because of Shefler’s initiative “A sum of hostels” to empezar to record the control of the company. Además, the excesses and controversies of the magnate are common the reputation of the Miraval brand.

“At the end of the day, Jolie almost pissed on Pitt. “It simply came to our notice then.

Subsequently, the actor who is “devastated” when entering the notification, or who thinks he is negotiating a way more tranquil the stage of the tour. De hecho, the actor’s abducted assured that él intent to buy Jolie’s part desde que decidieron divorciarse, pero que ella ponía muchas trabas e impedía que avanzaran las negotiations.

Por esa razón. Brad Pitt’s searching for Angelina Jolie’s juice to test what she’s drinking a contract extension, tenga that pay a compensation to the daisies and perjucii that provoke the actor and that a juez determine that the sale of their shares is illegal.

Miraval shares establish 50/50 dividends between Pitt and Jolie

This is not the only legal file

Since signing her divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been dating cansada batalla legal by the custody of their shadows. You’ve got comments that point to your wallet, “Parece que ambos han querido retrasar e process”, the way in which your legal teams are trapped in a battle that does not last long.

Do not be fooled by the tenderness because of the fact that you see a new legal conflict. The battle for custody is still very different, especially since Jolie confesses that sufrió violencia doméstica by part of the main actor estaban casados. The part where the part is available to escalate the conflicts that are taking place from different areas.

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