With Samsung Health, you can first achieve your own well-being goal: Diario Social RD

The Samsung Electronics health app is an ally of your plan for a healthier life.

It is very comfortable և simple to operate, very visual և complete enough to maintain your measurement values.

You can record not only your sports routine, but also the amount of food you eat each day, your blood pressure, your heart rate, your sleep patterns and your quality. Celebrate World Health Day with the benefits of this app

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. April 2022. Living well, with physical and mental well-being, is one of the most common aspirations of people.

It is so universal that even mankind has dedicated a day to it since 1950, marking World Health Day every April 7.

Among other goals, habits and behaviors that are in line with this goal are encouraged so that, given individual circumstances, we can do what we can to achieve it.

And as technology becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives, there is no doubt that it can be an ally of health. That’s why it’s worth knowing that Samsung Electronics stands out in the ecosystem of smart devices և applications among Samsung Electronics technology solutions.

Esta aplicación posee funciones ideales para personas como tú, que quieren disfrutar de bienestar integral con los mismos equipos con los que trabajan, se divierten, estudian y se comunican, como los teléfonos inteligentes, las tabletas, los smartwatches e incluso la TV. 

The idea is to have a support on hand that will guide you online to show you the best treatment for your body, wherever you are և when you need it և, most importantly, you will know the results և use it. Flexible և liquid way to the individual rhythm of each user’s life.

Samsung Health supports you by maintaining, processing and reporting on various indicators of your health. It is designed to track, balance your sports activities, your eating habits (quality, quantity իա calories), your body vitality measurements (such as blood pressure և heart rate), your body composition (weight, muscle mass, etc.). other indicators) որ quality of sleep time (sleep time and phases, snoring ված oxygen).

Plus, this app is very easy to download և even more so to manage it, besides you can do it with any of your Galaxy Ecos smart device so you can activate, consult և manage your data. the device in your hand և on demand. Undoubtedly, in these times when we all need to personalize our devices, connect them as powerfully as possible, and efficiently, Samsung Electronics gives us answers that match our aspirations to live our lives, to feel better and better.

Find out below about the features offered by Samsung Health for a better quality of life.

1.– Step by step measurements

It takes as much time as physical effort as it does to know the results of your exercise plan, whether it is prime numbers or regular balances (weekly or monthly). The results achieved can be maintained և managed with Samsung Health կլինեն can be a significant contribution to evaluating them, reviewing goals, consolidating successful strategies, and continuing into the next stages of your project.

With advanced measurements, you will get more specific data by controlling your exercises. So, for example, it is designed to interpret the position you have while running ելու to suggest adjustments to increase performance. It measures the asymmetry of your body, the time of contact, the time of flight և vertical fluctuations, data that will help you optimize your daily routine. These assessments are subject to appropriate body parameters, which, among other things, seek to prevent you from being injured.

You will also be able to end your daily calorie burn as a result of physical activity, to know how much energy you have expended, to be able to record your data, to consult your records.

2.– Vital signs of your body

Naturally, your body responds to the sports routine in your favor և, among other achievements, your heart grows stronger. But the body’s response to excessive physical force varies from person to person, depending on age and heart health. That’s why you need to know how your blood pressure և heart rate is going, so Samsung Health helps you measure these vital signs before, during and after your workout, which will be interpreted according to the normal standard values. from age և other factors …

Another function that this app performs is to measure your body composition based on your weight, muscle mass, body fat and bone mass, among other factors. The digital connection between all these measurements will also signal the results of your exercise plan and your eating habits over that period.

3.- exercise at home

It’s not just a unique app for those who train outdoors or in sports facilities. If you are one of those people who prefer to work out at home, then Samsung Health offers you various training programs with videos, in which various factors are developed: weight loss, endurance և stretching. You can view them on your smart tablet or on your Samsung SmartTV by simply installing the app on your device. Easily sync with other devices, such as the Galaxy Watch, to track your progress in real time on the screen.

4.- Measure what you eat

Another way to use this app is to record the amount of your main meals, snacks տես daily snacks:. Samsung Health will help you improve your eating habits to stay healthy by measuring the calories you eat according to the portion of each food անյութ the nutrients they provide.

5.- What do you gain or lose while sleeping?

There is scientific evidence to support the link between sleep quality and human health. That’s why Samsung Health also includes a record of your sleep patterns to help you make it a recovery habit for your body. This app counts points based on how long you sleep at night, the timing of each sleep cycle, night movements, and the level of oxygen in your blood during this daily rest. These indicators can be compared to normal values ​​by your age և gender և can give an indication of any abnormality that deserves consultation with a specialist, such as chronic snoring, for example. Samsung Health is designed to detect them, can record them, so time and frequency will be recorded, will be useful for medical evaluation.

7.- Exercise, socialize with family, friends

With the Samsung Health Together Challenge option, you can organize a sports day with family և friends with the idea that the app helps them calculate their individual performances in the same group record as long as participants have the app on their mobile devices, such as: as smartphones և watches. This option will be very useful when you want to organize a competition for everyone or just follow the collective program of walking. They can even all stay connected, or each in a different location, but combined with interactions that they can activate in real time from the app. The idea is to share the desire to develop some sports activity, to increase motivation, thanks to an online company provided by Samsung Health.

7.- Plus for them

Special support for Samsung Health users is provided by the menstrual cycle tracking section, which includes symptom tracking, management, topic information, and personalized content.

8.– Leisure և meditation resource

After a day of training, he has chosen healthy mechanisms that give peace of mind, rest and relaxation. That’s what this app was all about when it came to creating this app, so it provides you with meditation functions that will help alleviate the horrific stress effects that usually mark many people’s days. In addition to meditations, the app offers soothing music և stories to help you sleep better and better և relax.

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