With the dance folklore and music of mariachi luchan against homophobia

al mariachi mexicano a vn es visto as an agroupation viril, mientras that in la folk dance the interpretation of the coquette between men and women, as can be seen in the “Jarabe Tapatío”. ¿C emo ejecutar estas mexican traditions in a context in which the violent content of the ranches can be questioned and sexual diversity reconciled?

Three formats by artists LGBT +: Mariachi arcoíris de Los lesngeles, Ballet Folklórico LGBTTTI “Jalisco es diverso” y México de kolor han asumido esto reto. Carlos Samaniego, Manuel Cobián and Carlos Antúnez, their respective founders and directors, explain that these projects are a solution to book the discrimination and record the distance of the “square” world of Mexican folklore.

“The fact that the artistic medium is very much in line with the LGBT + community and is not true, but homophobia,” said Antúnez, director of Mexico Colors and artistic coordinator of Ballet Folklórico by Amalia Hernández. The Mexican Colors Initiative was launched positively in 2011 as part of an invitation to present a proposed new. Pero does not want the case to be leaked to Maria chingelis from Los Angeles to the LGBTTTI Ballet Folklore “Jalisco is diverse”, which is a product of discrimination.

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Samaniego es estadounidense, hijo de mexicanos. Study music at California State University. Mariachi fue un genero hostil con él, al ser an hombre abeyrtament gay. Tras a series of accusations and discriminations, Samaniego created by Mariachi Arcoíris de Los gengeles in 2014, projected with the one that was probably tried in 2000, but you did not escape because of the experience.

“Al formar is a pensaba group that does not follow the single that is followed by a similar situation,” he said. In fact, Mariachi Arcoíris is integrated into 11 people, including transgender Prime Minister Natalia Meléndez.

“We know that we are teenagers, before we move on. We work in groups of juveniles and suffrage discrimination and form part of the original group. “Now that the transition is against any other type of discrimination, I want to voluntarily arm the group, and the invitations that are my only right”, details the director of mariachi.

The Ballet LGBTTTI Folklore “Jalisco is diverse” was created in 2018 by Manuel Cobián, the organizer and organizer of the parade of the organization in Jalisco. The company was under the control of Cobián, but he could not get enough of the algae ballet for the parade:

Modify to improve culture

Creating spaces is not sufficient to support Mexican traditions, a degree that is negated, affirmation Antúnez. Artists tend to create forms to participate in a culture that is of a sexist nature.

In the case of Mariachi Arcoris, add the repertoire of topics for the congregation: , pero tampoco le quiero cambiar el titulo ”, says Samaniego. Además de adecuar las songs, el group ya compone sus propios temas, as “Así soy”.

In the dance floor, Mexico of colors and the ballet “Jalisco is diverse” has found the latest excerpts. The first one was chosen by the descendant of the “folk ballet”, in the traditional dance “representing the most capable machinist of our culture”, because it is the point of the party. Mexico of colors is a spectacle that mixes dance with pantomime, cabaret and theater, but that to count the stories of the “intervention” costume and music for a more current proposal.

“In order to preserve the Mexican dance, it has been limited, but because the new generation is already in the dance as well as in the past. “Mexico of Colors dances Mexican with the current vision”, affirms the director.

But on the other hand, “Jalisco is diverse” does not seem to have much to do with the bases of folklore ballet in order to have a personal interest in the tradition, but they do not call it “desvirtuarla”.

“Considering that the rules are not the same things. They are all attacked by the purists, but the majority of passages, costumes and music are intact. We only have a little bit with the design of the frames, the colors and the flags, the only difference being the pairs that make a man with a man and a man with a man ”, says Cobián of his info.

In order to use the word “desvirtuar” to mean the posture of the purists of folk ballet, Manuel acknowledged that following the tradition from the perspective of diversity is not easy for the group, even though it is part of the LGBT community + and knowing that the concept of the ballet “Jalisco is diverse” is that “it is opposed to internalized homophobia”.

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Method of defense

About the recitation by part of the public, the marijuana directors and the dance companies coincidentally in which, for the most part, they are singled out, but the critics do not disclose or discriminate: unirnos as LGBT group and announced to normalize and normalize the situation “, said the mayor Carlos Samaniego.

The three groups have developed a hermeneutic approach to defending: professionalism.

“It is a ballet that represents the diverse population, which shows the positive of our community. The stigmas are that we are not only responsible persons or cults, that we are only part of the party, but we demonstrate that we can successfully execute a tradition “, says Cobián from the ballet” Jalisco is diverse “.

On the other hand, Antúnez recognizes that, if you accept the quality of the strings (that is, if you follow the physical parameters of a traditional dance company), you maintain a high level of rigor during the auditions and ensembles. In the company of only a handful of people with different sexual orientations, but who have the ability to interpret female roles, a physical retouch: this requires much work. Nosotros ensayamos tres días a la semana, quatro horas, además los ensayos individual. Working hard, professionally, in conscience, like fruits, in themes of diversity required more work ”.

El Mariachi Arcoíris de Los gengeles nació in 2014, because of its aggressive and discriminating suffrage in a host and machinist environment.

Opportunities of opportunity

In Mexico of Colors, the LGBTTTI Folkloric Ballet “Jalisco is diverse” is considered to be part of the gossip and its directors coinciding with what is normal in culture. Without embargo, centralization is a factor in the form and evolution of projects.

Antennas adelanta at EL UNIVERSAL that Mexico of colors to be presented at the Cervantino Festival. It is the first in the 50 years of the event history that a sexual diversity company is present. “It ‘s an organ, it’ s an open door, it ‘s not in the shower.” Opportunity contact has any constant for this company funded in Mexico City. But this is not the case for the ballet that radishes in Jalisco.

Manuel Cobián y su ballet son un grupo que no lucra; for their presentations, they will be the only ones to cover the passage of passages and food (“we are not sangrones, with a cake is falling”) and a voluntary donation. To dress up your restaurants in the “botear” on the streets of Guadalajara, as a precaution for those who do not have enough alcohol, the cup is limited. “I was struck by the culture of the state and the surrounding area of ​​Guadalajara and the answer was” we only have a ballet night “, but we did not even bother to do so, but it was perfect for the World Center,” Cobián replied. financial presentations.

“The issue of capital outflows from the country has increased homophobia and diversophobia. “Jalisco’s dismantling is one of the most conservative, very religious stages, the population being at the very least, compared to the capital of the country”, detail.

For the Ballet Folklore “Jalisco is diverse”, following the tradition from the perspective of diversity does not have to be easy on the part of the LGBTTTIQ + community. Your integrated afirman news about “internalized homophobia”.

Manuel cobián
The director of the Jalisco Folk Ballet is diverse

“We make a hole with the design of the frames, the colors and the flags, the difference between the pairs: man to man and man to woman”

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