Without the right to fly in Texas

Texas— It takes four days since a convict assumes that the wind is being transported on a Texas bus to complete the rafts, cut through a metal gate and an armored conductor, record the control of the vehicle temporarily and slowly, then the price.

Out of range, pressure functions, stationary police and local police invading the Leon condominium in central Texas, using cabs, boats and helicopter crews with thermal imagery to search for Gonzalo Lopez, a 46-year-old girl . As of now, the functionaries have been released with their vacancies.

Incidental escape and prolonged persecution led to state and federal officials offering a $ 50,000 compensation for information leading to the capture of Lopez, and the mayor being part of the Texas Department of Public Safety. López complete the permanent chains by asset capital and intent to asset capital in the condominiums of Hidalgo and Webb.

“We have no way of decapitating Lopez,” said Bryan Collier, executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, in a statement.

López sent sentiment to perpetual chains in 2006, claiming to be a culpable asset of asset capital by the death of José Guadalupe Ramírez in 2005. Following the legal registers, López confessed to the police that he was killed by an order from a Mexican cartel . More than that, López recreated another perpetual downfall of intent to raise capital during a 2004 car crash in Webb. A court order states that López was the passenger in a car driven by a conductor carrying a traffic parade. The agents of the order dijeron that disperse the oil from the conductor of the vehicle.

Living on the porch, López boarded a bus with 15 other people and his veteran penitentiary functionaries. From the United States Hughes in Gatesville, where you are allotted, Huntsville for a medical quote, TDCJ’s spokesman Robert Hurst.

In the bus, the pressurized ovens are separated and separated by metal conductors of the conductor armed and of an official second on the part of the bus that carries a scoop. Hurst knows that the configuration type is for pre-shipped transporters.

De alguna manera, sin embargo, López logró liberarse de sus esposas. If detected by the guards, the pressure gauge will be attached to the metal gate that separates the conductor pressure gauges and removes the conductor section, says Hurst. Produce a thread and Lopez touch the conductor in the hand and thread with the disconnected object.

The conductor puddle detonates the bus and the pelvis between the two rapidly moving members, says Hurst. López se subió al autobús, appearing at the moment when the official on the part of the salt tracer but the part tracer deprived of darse cuenta of the one who has a plow. Without any official board, López se fue.

As an embargo, the officer armed with a scooter quickly splits the tracks, but as he tries to approach a mile, López loses control and the bus pulls out an alcantarilla at the carriageway. López huyó a pie través de un pastisal de vacas, dijo Hurst. The officers l alcanzaron and dispararon with their short guns and the esophagus, while Hurst knows that no matter what Lopez fired an exit.

Esa fue la imaltima vez que un functionality vio a López.

Hurst no pudo explicit how López logra liberates the spaces or your time to cut the metal in the bus and meters in the conductor section without being detected.

“Todavía estamos investigando”, dijo.

But most of Lopez’s notable flight is at the continent, and a search engine has been implemented rapidly and the number of police agencies in the search area.

“We entered the emergency room with a reclusive escape,” said Hurst, noting that the TDCJ staff quickly established a perimeter with Leon’s Sheriff’s Office’s office and a local police officer.

On the other hand, DPS rides Lopez on the list of the most sought after stages and offers a $ 7,500 rebate. On the other hand, the 35-million-dollar state-of-the-art police agency with the Elguaciles Service and the Texas Investigation Framework offered a total of $ 10,000 and $ 5,000, respectively, according to the TDCJ.

On Monday, Hurst said that agencies should not rely on any conceivable concession. The agency has provided information to any person who has any information about Lopez, including 1-800-832-8477 or 936-437-5171.


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