# WMOF22, Francisco: “The family is the first place to fall in love”

On Saturday, June 25, in the Plaza de San Pedro, the Cardenal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicasterio for Laos, the Family and Vida, in the presence of Pope Francis, on the eve of the World Cup las Familias.

Sebastián Sansón Ferrari – Ciudad del Vaticano

Upon three different testimonials, dispensers and comforters in the Theological-Pastoral Congress, up to 25,000 files of the various participating countries in the X World Cup of Assisted Families, up to 25 on Eucharistic celebration in the Plaza de San Pedro. President by Cardenal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicasterio for Laos, Family and Vida, the family pronounced by Santo Padre Francisco, who knows that “This is the moment of the action of grace.” (The integrated text can be read here)

“We present ourselves to Dios with gratitude — as in a large offering— all that the Espíritu Santo has embraced in ustedes, queridas familias,” indicated the Pope, who now expresses that he now presents all to Señor, sostenga con su fuerza y ​​con su amor ”.

“Son papás, mamás, hijos, abuelos, tíos; son adults, niños, jóvenes, ancianos; Every one with a different experience from the family, but all with the misma esperanza hecha oración. That God bless and protect your families and all the families of the world ”

Francisco refreshes libertad, writing the second San Pablo reading as a point of inspiration. “Libertad is one of the most valued and sought after by modern and contemporary men,” said Francisco.

“All the cunning, forming your family, with the grace of Cristo, is still a valid choice: do not use your freedom to use your mismos, but to love the people that Dios has been with you.”

“There are no ‘planets’ or ‘satellites’ that travel through a single orbit”

Pedro Sucesor considers that in order to live as “islands”, he has said “to serve one of the other”. “It’s fashionable, I agree with Francisco, to live in family freedom. There are no “planets” or “satellites” that travel in one orbit. The family is the place to burn, to share, to take care of yourself to join the others and to be around them. Es el primer lugar donde se aprende a amar.

“Hermanos and hermanas, mentras reafirmamo esto con gran convicción, sabemon bien que e los hechos no siempre es así, por poros motivas u muchas diversity situations. As such, we accurately assert the beauty of the family, feeling more like a nun than a defender. We do not want to be contaminated with the veins of selfishness, individualism, the culture of indifference and desecration, and we call it “DNA” which is the spirit and the spirit of service. “

Relation between generations

Reflecting on the relationship between the prophets Elijah and Elisha, presented in the first reading, Francisco assured us that relation between the generationsin the “testicle pass” of padres a hijos.

“This relationship in the world of men is not a sign of wisdom but a motive of preoccupations. Ladies say that their shadows do not have the capacity to orient themselves in the complexity and confusion of our societies, where both the catholic and precarious part, and which finally reach the fireplace. “It’s a matter of time before you get bogged down in other things, other than protectors, or only inclusive terms to impede the work of finding new things in the world.”

“God is not alone”

Luego, the Pope, emphasized importation, for the sake of the fathers, of contemplating the mode of action of Dios, and said that “Dios ama a los jóvenes, pero no por eso los preserva de todos los pilegros, desafíos y sufrimientos. He is not a sobreprotector; on the contrary, confía in ellos and llama in every one of the highest sense of the screw and the mission ”. E insistió: “Dios no es ansioso”.

“Queridos padres, si ayudan a sus hijos a deccubran y acojan su vocacón, veron que ellos estarán ‘aferrados’ a esta mission tend tendr lan fu fiforza de afrontar u surperar las dificultades de la vida.”

“Abrazar la propia vocación amor fiel”

Según el Obispo de Roma, “hay nada m estims estimulante para los hijos que ver a los propios padres vivir el matrimonio i la familia as a mission, con fidelidad y paciencia, a pesar de las dificultades, los moment sad et las pruebas”.

Family members, especially those who have been invited and have no other priorities, the “no volverse atres”, it is said, not to mention the ante screw, the antenna libertarian, with their engaging illusions. Cuando do not agree with the novel of the god of Dios the vida se fossilize, añorando el pasado. When Jesus cried, he cried out to the family’s matrimony, saying that we must be righteous and always have our precedent in the camouflage, our precedent in our love and service. “Who’s safe and sound,” said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“La Iglesia is in use”

To subrayar that providentially the lectures of the liturgy of the hablan celebration, providentially, about vocation, which is just the theme of the Encuentro: “The familiar love: vocation and camel of sanctity”, Francisco said that “Iglesia is con ustedes, es más, la Iglesia está en ustedes. Of course, Iglesia is a family, Nazareth, and is formed primarily by families. When Elseñor los ayude cada d aa a permanence in the unity, in the paz and in the allegory, showing to all that Dios is the love and communion of the living “.

Farrell: Next World Family Encounter in 2028

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, Cardenal Farrell conducts a Pope salutation, in the name of all the families reunited in San Pedro Plaza and connected to the media and social networks. Express Francisco for free as soon as possible X World Cup Set of Families.

Record that it is X The World Encuentro concluded the Year of the Family Amoris laetitia, because they are deprived of post-synodal exorcism publication. It is said of one that “I want to give a new impulse to the familiar pastoral in the processes of the whole world”.

“Effectively,” he urges a renovated compromise, in which pastors and families, well-formed, work together to be more efficient in the company of their children, young people, young people, families or children interested in the table. moral and spiritual values ​​of current societies “.”

The prefecture of the gradual ministry of Francisco has its attenuation, circus, and donations that affect families in these pontificate years, through their cards, discourses, catechisms, and pronunciations.

“Families try their best to be as effective as their father and wife in meeting their needs and problems.”

Purpurado announces that the closest concentration of families with Pope Francis is the ‘Jubilee of Families’, which is celebrated in Rome in the mark of the Jubilee of 2025, so that the XI World Encounter of Families will be available in 2028.

The precepts of the salutation of the prefecture ensure the intrigue of the missionary mandate to the families present at the mass. The invitation is to announce all the beauty of the family and the Gospel with special attraction to the most frigid, chanting the expression “those who do not have” and “multiplying love and life”.


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