Women despierta de coma; discover that new abandonment

The fact that all love is superfluous only in the first place. A pareja podría enfrentar situations where you can only use a romper with the magic that exists between them and with the promenade of a amor duradero.

The case of an Australian young woman of only 25 years, who, after being hospitalized, lasted only a few months, was abandoned because of her prominence, but because her body was blocked by the block of social networks.

After vivir this terrible separation is decided continuously with your screw, without embargo, no need to avoid your experience and través from your account TikTok en donde su video se viral volvulus.

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Viral: you want to be prompted by being like that

The woman who responds to the name Brie Duval, party taken from her account TikTok @ hotcomagirl1 the story of how to share your prompts to enter as.

The young Australian radica en Canada, while in vivi live a motor vehicle accident that the mantle in such a way lasts a moment. Car washes in the car, the woman climbs a 10-meter-high wall of water, getting drunk and the accident quickly falling into an airplane Hospital of the University of Alberta, in which the following five persons were killed in the accident.

@ hotcomagirl1 Real coma experience vs. senior year coma experience! #fyp #coma #braininjuryawareness #braininjurysurvivor ♬ original sound – HotComaGirl113

Even though it’s a brand of screws, it’s nothing to do with the fact that you owe it to yourself to go through the stage of health, when people want to suffocate graves in your column, cerebral hemorrhagescostal fractures and rotating teeth, suffocating rotation of a rotator cuff deprived of prompting abandonment at the most tragic moment of its screw.

Accompanied by the young man, who desperately wants a record that only NOVIOT with which you have four years of relaxation and with which you have compromised.

As soon as you receive your phone number to communicate with me, as an embargo, a surprise is sent to the saber that the man is visiting, engaging, blocking in all its social networks and ensuring that with other people, you see Mirror .

“Finalmente me dieron mi telephone y mi primer pensamiento fue llamarlo y ver si sabía lo que pasó. No había ido a verme “, dijo Brie a The Mirror.

“Así abrí mi telephone to send a message when ordering a message from this woman that goes as she does now [nombre de la pareja]. Lo he mudado. “Ahora vive conmigo y mi hijo, por favor no lo contacts”.

“I do not know what to do with it hospital, me ha dejado completely atrás. “I do not know what to expect”.

Ante ello, the woman who synthesizes tradition and herida because they create that wind on her alma gemela; “It simply came to our notice then. No por qué lo hizo. I feel like the hermit could not explain the pain that caused me. After four years, I was very surprised, even better friends last year. I think it’s a success, especially in a moment of terrible screams. “When I breathe my last, I think it’s bad”, he said to touch the media TikTok.

How is it not enough to burn a little, let alone with one traumatic cerebral lesion (TBI), Brie dampoco pudo ver a sus padres, that establ in Australia and no pudieron viajar debido las restrictions coronavirus.

Después that the video is viral volviera in the platforms with more than millions of viewsfue eliminated by la usuaria.

@ hotcomagirl1 Just clarifying what happened! Drop some questions! #fyp #coma #braininjurysurvivor ♬ original sound – HotComaGirl113

Brie Duval shared his experience on TikTok

After the terrible experience that Brie lives in, you want to share, decide to share your work TikTok their experience and responsiveness to the questions that only the users respect and their vivencia mentras are felt in this stage of health.

When you need some clips then respond as you go to your personal hygiene center to be controlled as well as the shape in which you live menstrual period.

This video was last viewed on your account, with more than 3.2 million views512 miles “Me gusta”, 704 comments and 450 points.

@ hotcomagirl1 Getting your period in a coma #coma #period ♬ original sound – HotComaGirl113

“I do not think so in a million years like me TikTok go viral. Receive comments as soon as possible from people and, at the end of the day, treat the concoction accordingly IcI y cerebral lesions y complementary contar mi historia y mi lado de las cosas.

“If you do not go, it’s going to happen. Treat the demarcation of the demise at the moment, but they will be saddened by the horrible comments.”

At the moment, Brie continent in a process of recovery after coming to life with the traumatic cerebral lesion that is going on.

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