Women who cut their shirts and undress themselves in concert by Ricardo Arjona say: “Lo hice por libertad”

Ella is Rocío Gallardo, the woman who was born in a concert by Ricardo Arjona.

Ella is Rocío Gallardo, the woman who was born in a concert by Ricardo Arjona.

Photo: Rocío Gallardo / Cortesía

The woman who cuts her shirt and undresses her in concert Ricardo Arjona ya tiene nombre y apellido, se lama Rocío Gallardo y exclusively in ‘Despierta América’, who defends his critics by saying: “Lo hice por libertad”.

The show of Univision cars, exclusively, including the first interview of the protagonist that hizo olvidar has the letter of the song in Arjona. Rocío, accompanied by his young Juanwhich are formed by the oil of the earth at the moment, charlaron con Raúl González de lo sucedido.

“Lo veo y me emotiono, it was completely spontaneous, it was not plucked, it was plucked too much it was not plundered, it was not plundered for premeditated, it was the adrenaline of the moment, it’s my favorite artist… This song means a lot to me, and interprets the freedom of being a woman, to feel free, secure, naked or with a robe ”, commenting on Rocío from the moment he viralizes you.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I have to make visual contact with the shape of a holeahora me pongo a pensar, ya lo mejor no me hubiera ni vubo nisto entre tanta gente, pero pasó, estaba para que me viera, que hice contacto vis con él y que tuve mi momento e l, y eso era lo que quería ”, to explain in the Univision machine show.

For suppuesto, Raúl le preguntó alpos Esposo GallardoWhat synthesis is there at the moment?… “The first thing I do, as soon as my mother and I eat or drink, is to eat as much as I can, to send it to the carcass and to treat the carcass on my lamb before it is eaten.“.

También González, the answer to that it is not in agreement, and it is criticized in a way that its activity goes from bad to worse¿¿Who lives?

“I do not care about respect or misma, but too lo hice respectfully, yo sii siquiera sampled mis senos complete, todo el timempo me mantuve cubriéndomelevantar mi blusa y llamar su atención.

Do not criticize me for criticizing and respecting your opinionnot all world is capable of inserting screws or other pens I consider myself a very free woman, I do not owe you, I do not owe restrictions, and the person who’s tengo al lado me apoya 100 but I know how to do itlo hice por libertad, porque me nació, porque es mi artista favorito y no me arrepiento de eso, fis an absolute definition, either which respects which respects, or which does not resonate with respect to“, Aseguró Rocío.

Rocía y Juan tienen dos hijosa 20-month-old girl and a 5-year-old boy, having their own children to enter the room, Raúl the child who is happy to enter the child about this episode.

Mientras Rocío respondió: “I do not know what to do with it, they are sent out to have a free book that is not meant to be used to insert all the inquiries, and you can read the books on the floor and configure the quality as if you were a mom with a mind that would abierta. They say that they are, that they are not hiccuping, and that they are very close to me because they are hiccuping.

Juan quiso reported to the following: you are unknowingly pondering the taboo in the mind of a niece who whitewashes it, injecting it into the negative world“, Aseguró.

Records that it is domingo, in a concert that Arjona dio in the city of Miami, Rocío corresponds to all when the singer establishes the interpretation ‘Desnuda’, se par, se quitó la camis and they are all in the air, even though they are part of the masses with one hand.

This it is not the first time that a spectator has landed in a concert of Arjonain April, in Dallas, Texas, just with the misma song, ‘Desnuda’, a young woman who has been launched con ligas ante loj ojos de todo el público e el cantante.



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