“Work with Adal Ramones is complicated”

Alan Tacher reconnect that program to the conductor Adal Ramones to have a very complicated and stressful experience. The presenters are captivated by the arrows of different television companies, as they run the show to be on the front of the program “Decades” as of 2010, it did not obtain much excitement. Explain that the phrase breaks down the chemical fold between all of them and the problems between Ramones and the producer Giorgio Aresu.

Tacher’s inviting the night into the interviewer program Yordi Rosadodonde hizo un recorrido por su carrera y compartió opinión con el youtuber sobre su excompñero de trabajo, a quien recuerdan por ser muy “protagonista”.

“Fue para men bien difírik porque a Adal le gusta ser el protagonista entonces yo no hablaba porque yo que soy muy respectuços con el que estoy al lado, con el que estoy conduciendo lo trat de dejar hablar, sea mujer u hombre, hay una mancuerna ; with Adal era complicated, entonces yo me quedaba a un lado and llegaban los comments from the guy who said ‘deja hablar a Alan’, pero Adal ten sua su character; y yo decía qué huevotes “, Count Tacher.

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As an embargo, the conductor is segregated from Adal to one person with a coarse grain, but most of the professional fringe-chamber friction, eran buigos amigos and much value that Ramones fired the first person to speak in a different moment su vida, cuando su papá falleció.

Paty Chapoy lo salvó

Además Alan increased solidarity Paty Chapoy when it is formed by combining its carcass, it can be configured, the switch of the TV, the conductor which gives the opportunity to win a solid before the powder is connected to the carrera.

Record the origin of your carrera dio in detail about the mal trat that it recovers from some of the Televisa executives, when deciding to migrate to the competence company: Azteca TV.

“Estaba en Televisa premero, empecé en el programa de Tracks and Television in Aztec Television for Irse Beatriz Acevedo. It’s a very important news item on TV at the right time Joshua David Mintz que me rompe la credencial de Televisa y me dice ‘nunca m ens en tu vida te vuelves a parar en esta empresa, eres un hijo de …’. “It’s like Azteca’s television and television are the devil,” Tacher said.

One of the despisers of the television set despairs of the woman who has been invited to enter into a new job, but who is desperately synthetic, but Chapoywithout touching the ejaculative algunos that lo apoyaran.

“Paty Chapoy and what it’s like, Alan Tacher said unabashedly, that the Azteca television station is running and running, and that we’ve been listening and trying to convince you that a super levee diner dinosaur is looking for Aztec.” for Paty Chapoy, but thanks to God that I thought I was going to say ‘Te caché’ “

The conductor was struck by the front of the first generation of La Academia, which catapulted the national fame to the despots, junta the producer Giorgio Aresu, intending to take the project to the United States, for a provocative error that the TV show and its own a legal problem that the impediment enters the country.

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“Me fui de Televisa por Adal Ramones estaba hasta acá (arriba), Jaime Camil estaba fuerte también; Marco Antonio Regil era todo y yo dije ‘qué carajos voy a hacer aquí si estos aparte ke son son considosos de la undertresa, amigos y etc .. ¿qué voy a hacer aquí? “.

“Giorgio cometió an error garrafal, que fue hablar mal de Ricardo Salinas Pliego “(Azteca TV’s due) … our cayeron demands by sky, sea and land, or not in Mexico, my passport was blocked as a criminal because there was a criminal claim”, detail.

This incident takes place as soon as it is ready to disperse and increase Salinas Pliego by haberlo apoyado to build a car.

Among other personal things there is a connection between you and your father, which can be debilitating and which can lead to love affairs and divorces affecting the degree of provocative mental problems such as depression.

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