WWE NXT 2.0: Results 10 May 2022

USA Network y Peacock emitirá hoy 10 de mayo un nuevo episodio de WWE NXT 2.0, with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett in the comments section, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. The show counts with attractive variety, tales as the beginning of “NXT Breakout” Torneo Femenino, Natalya Vs. Cora Jade, Toxic Attraction Vs. Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez for los Women’s Championships in Paris; and his debut Alba Fyre.

Here is a video with all of them following the last week of the NXT Spring Breakin ‘event between Joe Gacy and Bron Brekker for the NXT Championship.

Women’s Championships in NXT Parks

Toxic Attraction vs. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez
Wendy Choo appears to detrive all and jump a jump with a plan on the campers before the campfire. Commercial retailers dominate the team, with a job on Dolin’s arm for the champions using their weapons and team work to double Perez. In the embargo, and with Choo’s aide, Perez’s sugar’s ring to the rivals and realizes a jump on the champions. Running the commercials, Choo hits all the Toxic Attraction fury and dominates the nipona on the lynx rack, with some fast-moving buttons that always fit one or the other. Perez enters Choo’s rescue with his release and his departure to Dolin, while Mandy Rose intervenes at key moments before distracting the retorts and leaving the triumph.
Vencedoras and AÚN champions: Toxic Attraction.

Throwing the team, the goal pool with the NXT to Choo Women’s Championship and with a palisade, Perez’s masterpieces set in motion ayudarla.

The Creed Brothers abducted Roderick Strong students practicing with a mouse, and hope that the tastes of the victory of the last week will be suppressed as the wind blows in a retro and not only intrometers, but that they are combined before the next week . Strong is why I now do not have a single star, or a new member of Diamond Mine: Damon Kamp.

Joe Gacy left the arena, accompanied by his two assailants. Gacy sent a message to Breakker, claiming that he was traveling in the middle of nowhere and that he was free of acacia, that only a part of him could be hacked. Expression that the cause and message of any recidivist and large cambiums is in place, one person per egg. Invite Bron personally to his cause or motion. Which lo diffrutará y no tendrá otra alternativa.

Chase University is celebrating in Sarray’s dressing room to board a mixed team against Tiffany Stratton and Grayson Waller. Chase in principle not subject to Bodhi Hayward’s comment is intended for all English classes. We take Sarray’s invitation.

We use the Ivy Nile training program to train new recruits, train members, and convert to men. This vez, furazon Flexiones de Brazo las que tuvieron as prueba los participantres.

Present on the quadrille ramp to quadrillers and those participating in the NXT Women Breakout Tournament, Fallon Hanley vs. Sloane Jacobs is the first combination of certificates.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament (Round 1)

Fallon Hanley vs Sloane Jacobs
Jacobs used his velocity to impose and control Hanley, applying a float to his head. Pero Hanley is more fortunate and conscientious in supporting the casting to ponder and expand in the attic. Have a rival in the lona and apply a float in the code and brazo. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen join Hanley in the ring. Jacobs intended a Hanley surprise counter to break through. Hanley brutal rodillazo when Jacobs establishes in the lona y se lleva el triunfo y el pase de ronda.
Vencedora: Fallon Hanley.

Santos Escobar expresses that AJ Galante nunca debió meterse with él ni en su mundo, that buys a respect bug. He suggested that Tony D’Angelo send his message to the Phantom Legacy negotiators.

Tony D’Angelo and his successors to Cruz del Toro who set up under Escobar’s car, gave him a hug and a kiss that sent him a message to his boss.

Amari Miller Vs. Alba Fyre
Kay Lee Ray has finally debuted with new name and character, finally. Fyre arroja con fuerza a Miller a lla lona pero Amari se levanta y toma de la cabeza a Fyre. Miller search the Alba pero area is fast and easy. Chop brutally about Miller and he is responding with a palanquin on his arm. In the middle, we see that Ivy Nile changes Burpees routine in the recruitment cycle. Double Superkick and a DDT Tornado for Miller tend to pull the trigger for triumph. Miller applied algunas patadas and suplex pero to consigue la tampoco victoria. Swanton Bomb de Fyre failed to shoot MIller’s caravan on the moon and left Victoria victorious.
Vencedora: Alba Fyre.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams stay at the station and top with Solo Sikoa, who cheers and cheers at the arena gate in their narcissus. Enfados, Williams and Hayes of a friend in a bus pulling in the door.

Cora Jade expresses that in the event they get stuck with a subject, but that goes against a fan, and that is on the list to show that it is the future of NXT.

Solo Sikoa hau su enrada al quadrilátero y toma un micrófono. The razor is flattened by the fact that it is the correct oil. Say that Hayes and Williams create what is their time, but is the time of Solo. Check out this point to win the NXT North American Championship. Expression that all the world, the fans, the directives and all the clothes in the dressing room that is the next winner of the title. Cameron Grimes interrupts and assures that he weighs that respect, that he has an opportunity in solitary confinement against him, or that he promotes and tends to his word. Hayes and Williams jumped out of nowhere and gave a sigh of relief to the campers, as Sikoa watched. Without embargo, there is no way to paralyze and defend Grimes from its abusers and hare hauír.

Escobar and Elektra Lopez pretend to be Cruz pero Santos the guy who always looks like a tarde. Joaquin Wilde and the vacancy truck and blindfolded, unscrupulous that Del Toro is not. Llama a D’Angelo para exigirle donde esta Cruz y è estegura que lo hizo para mandarle an advertisement da Legado del Phantasma si lo siguen desafiando. Tony wants a kiss with Santos Escobar and the amenaza diciendo that acabará with the Legend of the Phantom and your leg. Santos se burla y le corta la llamada, haciendo enfadar a D’Angelo.

Nathan Franzer expresses that he loves to be entertained by Grayson Waller and similarly debuted on NXT 2.0. Xyon Quinn lo interrumpe, Wes Lee también, por lo que dan solos y se desafían a un combine Quinn y Lee.

Tiffany Stratton vs. Grayson Waller Sarray and Andre Chase (with Boghi Hayward)
Chase and Waller start combining, with Chase vent controlling Grayson movements and intentionally blocking the drum. Stratton tries to imply that even though Sarray was dragged in, he was attacked by Stratton. Sarray point to Stratton through the cable car to cut the boat. Pistons at the same time, running alongside and clearing Chase University. Coming to business, Waller dominates Chase and implies that it’s Sarray’s relevance. Stratton and Cambia with Chase to hit Sarray and fly to Grayson. The Japanese did not want to intervene and Waller’s shot by Tiffany. Sarray toma the Hot Tag and app with very efficient goals on Tiffany. Grayson wants to learn about the nephew Chase lo hace caer y lo toma de las orejas para el Dropkick de Sarray. All lists for the Stratton’s Hayward’s Hayward’s cornet and’s Arbitro’s orbit, then Sarray’s to the chest. Stratton distracts with Bodhi and recovers a Sarray Roll-Up for the triumph.
Vencedores: Sarray y Andre Chase.

Now Ivy Nile has a lot of new recruits with other work in progress: Lunges with Mochilas de Bglgaras. Varios se rinden por el esfuerzos y otros pocos siguen caminando.

Robert Stone supports the aggressive qualities of Von Wagner and his actions against the Ikemen Jiro in the last four weeks, while Jiro prophesies in front of Wagner’s goalposts, while separating the orbiters and security.

Vemos en bastidores a indi Hartwell trsite por la part de su exposo. Mandy Rose treats console in a rare shape, saying that the rare part that a man’s hair looks like Mandy Rose, and not Hartwell, burlandose de ella.

NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament (Round 1)

Nikkita Lyons Vs. Arianna Grace
Grace does not stretch her arms with Lyons and gives him a kick in the arm, as Lyons fights with a path and deribándola a laona. Grace’s armor that no effect hacer effect and Lyons short with a Powerbomb. Grace treats rubia domely with pads and tumbling trail for pulling las cosas a la lona, ​​pero Lyons applying a trmeendo suplex, an antebrazo and the final Leg Split for the triumph.
Vencedora: Nikkita Lyons.

Ivy Nile leva a otro level el desafío, with a battle of the guards between the Unicos of the recluses que quedaban, and playing with the ultimate, hacer Pull-Ups with a cadena on the skin.

Cora Jade Vs. Natalya
Jade no se deja amedrentar por Natalya y la ataca con todo lo que tiene, pero la veterana se resiste bien, inclus trata de sacar un triunfo rupido pero la jovencita no se deja vencer y esto frustra a la excampeona de Divas. Nattie intentionally sharpens the Sharpshooter but is blocked by Cora and leaves Nattie in a hurry to block the superplex perched. Enojada, Natalya wants to kiss Cora’s rod against one of Jade’s posts because she chooses the post. Roll-Up of Cora pero solo llega a dos. Rodillazo y deja tumbada a Nattie, double piston en la espalda i busca el conteo que termina en dos. Jade intentions the Sharpshooter on Nattie, propia medicina, pero the beterana is more resistant and short of the boat. Because of the rodilla’s skin, Cora could not make the dropkick correct and cae a la lona, ​​served to the Sharpshooter de Nattie que, tras luchar one minutes, no consigue desarmar. Without embargo, the arbitrator will not be able to go to Jade, as long as it is legally listed.
Vencedora: Natalya.

After the fight, Natalya scurries about a Cora Jade tent, pero en atacarla egg, Nattie tying the handle. Jade descfía pero Natalya the assurance that is since with her respectful sample and hand the handle. La ayuda a pararse y se funden en un abrazo para cerrar el show.

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