WWE NXT 2.0: Results June 21, 2022

USA Network emitirá hoy June 21 a new episode of WWE NXT 2.0, with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett in the comments section, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. The show counts with various attractive, tales as well as entrants Lash Legend Vs. Alba Fyre y Grayson Waller Vs. Solo Sikoa; y Carmelo Hayes Vs. Tony D’Angelo by el NXT North American Championship.

The program started with a video of Carmelo Hayes’s lineup with Trick Williams, and Tony D’Angelo joining D’Angelo’s Family at the WWE Performance Center.

Solo Sikoa vs. Grayson Waller
Waller goes with a microphone and assures that the solo apoyan a solitaires, and the procedure to give examples of what Sikoa is but é, pero is golpeado by Solo in the right moment. Sikoa lo lleva de la rampa al ring. Waller le pide clemencia pero Sikoa lo castiga brutally contra el ring y con patadas al pecho. Sikoa se distrae y Waller le da algunos golpes y lo azota en un esquina pero Sikoa se repone y sigue su ataque. Sikoa carga a Waller, mientras el australiano le quita la seguridad al esquinero, y lo stampa contra lona con un slam. Waller screwed himself up against a sprocket not on the embossed and posterior lariat. Grayson cambia los papelles y tiene a Sikoa a su merced pero cuando van a ringside, Sikoa lo remata con un codazo a la mandíbula. Commercially, Waller owns solo tended in the lona and the pathos, pero Sikoa se quita de encima y lo manda con potenia a unquina. Samoan Drop and search the Frog Splash, but Grayson seals it. Sikoa se lastima con el esquinero sin protectioni & recibe el Stunner de Waller.
Vencedor: Grayson Waller.

Tony D’Angelo saves that Legado’s the best place to be in the ladder and that it’s still Hayes’s support for your family. Pero que Legado también deberá demostrar su lealtad; but what is this nightingale against Diamond Mine. Por otro lado, si esta noche no gana el título, sufrirán ellos las consecunencias dolorosamente. Santos Escobar asiente and regañadientes.

Previously conjoined as Jordan Devlin, now JD McDonagh, traveling on a route with its coach and in an off-road drive, assured that NXT unloaded downstairs but decided to go to Dublin.

Kayden Carter vs. Katana Chance Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon
Carter and Chance comfezanze fuertes contra las novatas, pero Leon de a poco va controlling Carter y la derriba en variation ocasiones con dropkicks y lariats. Chance ingresa for auxiliary serum for your colleague and reciting a float brought by Leon. They recreate a combined cast and release Feroz, which from a Spear to Chance to Katana saves with just. Chance to launch with a 450 Splash on Feroz and keep the triumph.
Vencedoras: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

Wes Lee sells recinto with hot cloth and a handheld microphone. Lee aggravates the singers and the public apocalypse, which is a complicated moment, but ultimately three months, and which is not. After spending some time camping in parishes and all over the world trying to get out of the way and search for ojos. It is explicit that it should be done in rabia and dolor, because it consumes and does not smell like mismo. Confession that Xiang Quinn’s Sanga is used to try and find the valerse, and swimmer swim as the superpower. Trick Williams the interrupt and the desk that comes from the mind, that is abandoned to your friend and that is a compass. Lee replied that he had no idea what he was feeling, but did not know that he was forcing juntas to join NXT. Pero sabe that nunca enter the relation with your friend, or that it is happy to be a second. What a lot of bombshells Hayes did not have to pay for. Williams rechaza subir al ring y se va.

Tiffany Stratton is a fan of Wendy Choo. Assurance that it is pathetic. Which makes the lanyard look like it’s close to the gutter, no matter what, except for your catering compartments. Compare that form of behavior and game that Choo’s horror is horrible. What nunca ganado nada, siquiera ha ido a un gimnasio. Stratton affirms that Choo is a combo and that it is designed to send. Advise that you do not want to fly more than the mandarin to sleep forever.

Diamond Mine (Roderick Strong y Damon Kemp) vs. Cruz del Toro y Joaquin Wilde (with Two Dimes y Stacks)
Kemp control in Luna a Cruz, sin dejar que se mueva. The Strong Release, which continues the cast on the swings and the lion. Cruz escapes and escapes from Wilde, Strong and Kemp, but the DM has nitrogen against the moon and is floating. Slam de Strong a Cruz, ambos ingresados, pero no puede llegar a tres en la cuenta. There is little communication between Cruz and Wilde, the product of an agar with the Stacks cane, Strong test and connect Cruz to triumph.
Vencedores: Diamond Mine.

Interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell, Giovanni Vinci assures that he is the supreme athlete of the NXT. When the last week you send a message with style and hope that Bron Breakker or Carmelo Hayes, or the sea of ​​the dressing room has recurred. All of them are like a new shooting star on the roster. Ikemen Jiro se aproxima, se rie de él y le pregunta si además de stilo, posee un stilo fuerte.

Toxic Attraction is completely complete. Mandy Rose turns on the microphone and wants to get a haircut. Roxanne Perez and her colleagues, Indi Hartwell and Cora Jade are one of the perdorars, a pesar de que ganaron la semana pasada. Gigi Dolin agrees that she loves Cenicienta’s love and that she now realizes reality. Jacy Jayne sends Perez to his house and the guy who throws posters like stars in his dormitorio. Perez and Jade interrupt and Perez’s hope that Rose has a desk. Whoever gets one of these tables and is listed for the world price. And what a wonderful way to screw people over in Cora. Chance and Carter ensure that they do not have methane because they have pending results. What I do not know is that I do not know how to read titles. To see the balls, the Toxic Attraction lights come out of the ring.

Carmelo Hayes is safe in bastards who are not preoccupied with Tony D, who has been beaten by one of his rivals and who is now a new victim of A-Champion.

Kiana James interviewed an India Hartwell interviewer to find out if she had to choose the right time with what she was shooting. Assurance that Hartwell is stupid and has no mental strength, that he wants to get into feminine mobility. Indi replies that you have a lot of opinions but do not import what you are looking for. Yet reta a combination for the next semana. James accepted and affirmed that he gave a lecture. Indi responds that it is NXT 2.0 and that it does not need a pen.

Cameron Grimes vs. Edris Enofé (with Malik Blade)
Enofe sale con todo hacia Grimes, sin dejar que se mueva mucho ni que lo golpee, pero el excampeón nortamericano sabe moverse con una Hurricanrana lanza fuera a Edris y luego a plancha desde el esquinero. Edris recovers from the cast of Grimes and the fuela of the ring for grimpear to Grimes, trepa to la cima del esquinero y falla. Grimes the application of a tremenda movida and the Cave-In for the triumph.
Vencedor: Cameron Grimes.

Von Wagner Vs. Brooks Jensen
Wagner launches on Jensen per Brooks lo esquiva with agilidad and arremete contra esquina. At the goalposts, Wagner’s derby is about to be recovered and a strong shot is fired from Jensen. Wagner saves Jensen on a spine and casts his last hand against the edge. Jensen did not want to be distracted, but Wagner tried to ventilate and take the initiative to follow the boat to its destination. The castigo is stretched out all over the brazo, cleansed, then unutilized. Pero Jensen advises abrise camino con patadas y lariats con el brazo sano. DDT air pero without connecting the three point. WAgner remixed Jensen’s nada with a slam against the lona and left the triumph.
Vencedor: Von Wagner.

Makeup recovers from the combination with Enofé and Bron Breakker. Bron the comment that this is the fighting Grimes that the taste, passionate and that deja todo. Cameron looks for the hope that Breakker will not be like Grimes, but will win the NXT Championship.

Joe Gacy finds himself with The Dyad, algún lugar oskuro. Gacy points out that as followers follow percussion and insecurities, they are the only ones who sample luz and eat as many people as possible. Gacy assured that he would try his hand at the time that he now graced the new graces in his hand.

Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend
Fyre no sepera nada y lanza contra a esquina para castigar con patadas a Legend. Dropkicks and this tendon in the lona. Legend responds with a garatoria and ahorca path to Fyre with lads. Alba se recupera y castiga con DDT y patadas a Legend, pero su oponente es fuerte y le aplica varios slams que la dejan en la lona. Facebuster y Fyre trepa al esquinero, Legend esquiva el jumpo golpea a Fyre con un bate de baseball.
Vencedora: Alba Fyre by disqualification.

NXT North American Championship

Tony D’Angelo (with D’Angelo Family) vs. Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams)
Hayes intends to save Tony y lanzarlo’s skin, but Don’s more powerful and resilient to the embassies. Tony D the application of slippery slopes with the Pierna and Williams quiere meters, as an embargo, al to see the candidacy of the Tony family, abstained. Tony hace volar a Hayes y lo estrella contra la lona para darle chops. The camper responds with a running lath and a golp against the ring thread. Tony launches Hayes against the metal ladder. Commercially, Tony’s torso on Hayes in the middle of the ring. Hayes the nitrogen against a rod and the application varies chops on the skin. Lariat flyers of the A-Champion and some shot at the head. Tony recovers and golpea fuerte a Hayes, mientras le grita se se cree campeón. Tony’s brutal buffet prepares to hay the combustion of Hayes blocking with a patch and Codebreaker that does not support termination. Rolling de Tony y Slam volador tremendo que deja tirado en la lona a Hayes. Tony pide la manopla a Santos, pero este se hace el distraído y se le da da Hayes, quien lo golpea a Tony cuando el Orbitro no lo ve y se lleva el triunfo.
Vencedor AÚN campeón: Carmelo Hayes.

Encouraged by the pig and the trace, D’Angelo le grita a Escobar que vuvva para ajustar cuentas pero Escobar junto a Cruz del Toro y Wilde dejan solo a Tony sol sus coke.

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