WWE NXT: Spring Breakin´ 3 May 2022 Results

USA Network y Peacock emitirá hoy 3 de mayo el especial de WWE NXT‘Spring Breakin’, with Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett in the comments section, live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL. The show is accompanied by a variety of attractive, tales as well as the title combinations between Bron Breakker and Joe Gacy for the NXT Championship y Cameron Grimes, Solo Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes for the North American Championship; además, estarán Viking Raiders Vs. The Creed Brothers y Natalya junto a Lash Legend vs. Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade.

See a video of a Pretty Deadly pool showcasing its ascending car in NXT 2.0, as it covers the titles in a hurry as it unfolds against the Viking Raiders’s pool with Creed Brothers. We also hear about Bron Breaker, Joe Gacy and the winners.

Carmelo Hayes plays in the arena, accompanied by Trick Williams. Soloa Sikoa ingresa en segundo lugar, y el ultim el campeón Cameron Grimes.

NXT North American Championship

Carmelo Hayes (with Trick Williams) vs. Sikoa vs. Soloa Cameron Grimes (c)
Hayes increpa al campeón, pero Sikoa lo hace voltearse y le da varios golpes, a los cuales se suma Grimes. The camping bus the fast-moving pin Hayes sells the ring only solo to it. Hayes vuelve e intenta vencer a Grimes pero también se zafa. Sikoa derriba a Hayes pero puede pa Grimes, hasta que suma Hayes ayudarlo y conas tijeras voltea a Sikoa. Cameron reacts and attacks as retroactive velocities, without being able to keep track of three. Solo quiere rematar a Grimes en la esquina pero Hayes lo aleja. Hayes perrovecha and remata a Hayes pero este se salva del conteo, con ayuda de Sikoa. Commercially, Solo deliberately seeks to restore Hayes’ dominance by attacking and harassing, with the Grimes embargo recovering Hayes’s ambassadors and puppets from hand to hand with Sikoa. Hayes saca a Grimes y entra nuevamente contra Sikoa. Hayes intentional rematar a Hayes pero a Superkick de Sikoa no se lo permite y Canadian Destroyer de Hayes. Powerbomb and Superplex for cars, Grimes and Hayes, courtesy of Sikoa. The three intercambian golpes and sticks, pero Hayes is more veloz and se impone, Pero Sikoa is more potent and shooting ambos against a rock. Sikua tien servido a Hayes pero Grimes salta justo a tiempo y corta la cuenta. Grimes could not create anything that did not go unnoticed, and in spite of the distraction, it was blown away by Hayes. Frog Splash brutal Sikoa on Grimes pero Hayes evita en 2 y medio la cuenta. Only Hayes and his men left for Samoan Drop, but Grimes jumped from the pool with his remake and awesome ambush with the three-year-old.
Vencedor y AÚN campeón: Cameron Grimes.

More drums, Mandy Rose and turn on the solar panel. When it does, Wendy Choo flashes the temperature and temperature of the solar panel, followed by Rose and the color wheel. Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin claim that they have, but that assurance is on the beach list. Peroi cuando se mira al espejo, grita espantada por su piel.

Nathan Frazer was very enthusiastic about his debut, as he was constantly waiting for his life and sale to be correlated.

We are trying to get Creed to combine, even though Roderick Strong’s and the spas are concentrating, which is why the import is from Diamond Mine, but it has to be expanded and prepared.

Indi Hartwell lamenta, junto a Duke Hudson, por las ausencias de Dexter Lumis y Persia Pirotta. Hay an acercamiento pero se echan uno a cada uno.

Grayson Waller Vs. Nathan Frazer
Waller deliberately imposes on the physicist with Frazer, using his skin and body to neutralize. Pero Frazer gana in velocity and precision over his feet, as if he were on Waller’s ring. Pero Waller wants to regain dominance at the base of very long goals. Grayson burla de Frazer en el ring, mientras lo castiga en ringside. In spite of the fact that Waller did not give a damn about how much he’s earned, Frazer resisted and leveled his limbs before leaving three. Frazer esquiva el piston y va con todo contra Waller. Double Superkick, three-walled waller wallet leaning on leather. Waller connected a brutal Suplex and Frazer to save the account. Y va al esquinero para lanzarse, pero Frazer sube y lo detiene. Waller lo tira pero cuando está por rematarlo, Andre Chase le suena una corneta en el oído y lo distrae, se cae a la cuarda y Frazer lo remata con un Phoenix Splash para la cuenta de tres.
Vencedor: Nathan Frazer.

We take a tour of Fallon Hanley, presenting as the camping girl who mounts the cabbage and who arrives at the Breakout Tournament.

Santos Escobar and Tony D’Angelo, junto and their respective groups, are playing in a bar. Escobar molesto por su tardanza. D’Angelo’s hope that no one from ir a ningún lugar that the other one wants, but that he goes directly to the grano. Escrow insurance that is not configurable due to cortical offer and intended for use. El Don amenaza with what his computer experts have in the south, and that Santos advised that if he met with his family, and saber las consistency. Tony is discouraged by his actions because he is all green to hagor the best for the negotiators. Ambos llegan a un acuerdo y D’Angelo se retira.

Viking Raiders launches a Creed Brothers amenaza, which prepares the ground for the NXT-bound rails. Pretty Deadly ríen de los vikingos, y estos los retan a poner sus titulos en juego pero los Britannic no aceptan.

Joe Gacy expresses that he has come up with a new way to hack an NXT but just for the sake of it all. Asegura que quiere coambiar el mundo.

Nikkita Lyons vs. Cora Jade Natalya y Lash Legend
Jade treats the Legend with chopsticks and dropkicks, even if it was left on a rock. Legend of the lava and water on the other side, for between Natalya and a palisade. Jade resists Battie’s boat and can land on Lyons. Nikkita hail a raft of lions with las piernas, Nattie hace lo mismo, y van rotando. Legend suplex with a Lyons can and embroidered ringside. Commercially owned, Natalya dominated by Cora Jade, no dejandola levandarse ni replica movimientos. Natalia pones a Jade bajo el Sharpshooter, pero se escapa y releva con Lyons. Nikkita applies the comeback pero Nattie is more astute and does not advance. Nattie is confused, and when she golpear golpear a Nikkita, le da a Legend. Lyons remata with a Senton a Legend and Cora Jade are launched from the ring for victory.
Vencedoras: Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade.

On the other hand, Tatum Paxley supports his natural and hard-working prodigy to embrace the Breakout female tour, from the scene seen in NXT 2.0.

Jayne says that Choo is odious and obsessive, and that Dolin believes that all of them are obsessed with ellas. Jayne y Dolin se meten al agua, y mientras disfrutan, Choo y Roxanne Perez les roban las zapatillas y las llaves del coche. Choo y Perez corren, Toxic Attraction mites se queman con la hot acera, in the bush of the robotic dog.

The Viking Raiders vs. Erik e Ivar The Creed Brothers (Julius y Brutus Creed)
The Vikings sailed with all their potential against Creed, with their stamps and larynxes, even though Brutus applied his technique to the Olympic team and defeated Erik. Pero Ivar ingresa ayudar a su colega y así neutralizan a los hermanos. Los Creed lelavan la delantera en los commercial y hacen relevos para atacar a Ivar. Erik assures the pero relevance is derived from Julius. Brutal Ivar Powerbomb for Brutus through his account. Splash of Ivar through the Creed resists the current. Julius superplex who resists Erik and Legdrop Ivar air who also resides eld and los Creed. A mysterious attack on Erik in the head with an object and the victory of Creed.
Vencedores: The Creed Brothers.

The attacker was Roderick Strong, who was born a rider in Erik’s cage. Los Creed is not recommended, which can be found by your account, but Strong the insurance that no.

Santos Escobar arrives at AJ Galante and argues with his position with Tony D’Angelo, for the expression that cruises with the equivalent hombre, or that the Phantom Legion sequestered.

See more videos from Alba Fyre and their upcoming debut on NXT 2.0, for the Femenino Breakout Tournament.

NXT Championship

Joe Gacy Vs. Bron Breakker (c)
Breakker launches like a salvage bar against Gacy, quickly pulling and pulling fast. Bron le speta que metió con su familia, que no va a quedar as si nada. Little by little, Gacy lug confundir to Bron, escaping and distrained, even as the ball connects golpes. Gacy’s mantle in Lron’s Bron, as if levante and intentionally cubrirlo, pero el campeón se zafa en todos the intentions. Bron por fin reacciona y le da tacleadas a Gacy para sacárselo de encima, aunque Gacy lo manda de nuevo a la lona. Bron intentionally remastered, Gacy trying to get Bron to connect Belly to Belly, having his own account. Codazo en la espalda de Gacy, Powerbomb y Bron se salva por poco. Gacy intends the Lariat pero Bron to connect a Spear and retain the title.
Vencedor y AÚN campeón: Bron Breakker.

The Breakker Masters celebrates with the title on the alto, the encapsulated apparatus for deterring and finalizing the NXT transmission.

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