XII Reunion of Minority Enfermedas

Antoni Riera-Mestre, member of the Internal Medicine Service of the University Hospital Bellvitge-Idibell.

Mejorar la assistance y competence en Espana para dar el salto a europe is the point of launch that the Sociedad Española de Internal Medicine (SEMI) abordará esta semana en la XII Reunion of Minority Enfermedas. It draws a format of mesas redondas the experts invited to debate about the existing inconsistencies in order to gain access to Europe, the main ones therapeutic novels y cómo se puede lograr un mejor enfoque to patients who suffer from this class of pathology.

The reunion, which begins near 12 May in the Palace of Congresses of Ibiza, is not only conformed to internists, but also trained by expert experts specialties you are interested in this type of nursery. Antoni Riera-Mestremember of Internal Medicine Service del Bellvitge University HospitalIdibell and coordinator of the reunion, afirma en Medical Redaction that the abortion of minority nurses “should not be carried out from the forehead of a specialty, in order to register a much larger infotainment than that which respects the patient”.

One of the most important activities during the XII Reunion series magferal conference acerca de la investigation en minority minorities en Espana and create vents on europe. Speaking as Riera-Mestre said, “Spain is one of the few countries more difficulty to access the European red. The attenuation of minority minorities is oriented in European countries, las European Reference Networks, where there are variations that address different groups of pathologies. The accreditation form of ellas in Spain does not apply to Ministry of Sanidad accredit you as CSUR (Centers, Services and Units of Reference). There are more than 6,000 minority minorities, it is different that they are not accredited by all, but because they are prepared, they are not available for access to Europe ”.

“Spain is one of the few countries that has the most accessibility to access European networks”

The conference count with the presence of Pablo Lapunzinadirector of the Center de Biomedical Investigation in Red Rare Nursing (Ciberer), which forms part of Salud Carlos III Institute. In the presence of Lapunzina, Riera-Mestre now “pursues its values ​​in order to gain access to Europe, furthering its investigation in Spain into minority backgrounds. Other than that we have to create connections y synergies entre nosotros, find resources etc. Cyber ​​does not have to be known as a group to see the potential that exists in one of the few medical countries that we specialize in and are interested in. The Carlos III Institute is one Organic dynamite to investigate for assistance and competence in Spain for access to Europe ”.

New therapeutic scenarios in minority nurses

Conocer y estar al día de todas las novedades which has been separated from the minority environments by a series of aspects to be treated in the reunion. “Every year we have a mass of therapeutic novels new pharmacists you are commercialized for ponerlo en valor dentro del grupo. In each case, we have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” different therapeutic scenarios existentes, as for example las genital therapies and the formats that are a silenciar el RNA. But on the other hand, do not look for passive charles, as if at any moment we are looking for intercom exchange y experiencias. On the other hand, it invites people who have participated in different activities, analyzing their benefits and limitations ”.

“Analyze existing existing therapeutic scenarios, such as generic therapies or drugs that silence RNA”

La ethics dentro de la enfermedades minorities también será the protagonist of the reunion. As the coordinator of the Working Group on Minority Nurses, he states: compromise with patients. The investigation at all times is oriented to the benefit of the patient, but should not be taken lightly. industry of transparent form and which can be heard from the form of abiert ”.

Residents, piece key to pass minority minorities

La juventud es el futuro dendro de la Sanidad, y SEMI realizará el sábado la III Minority Enemy Reunion for residents. With this initiative, Riera-Mestre searches “incentivize its publications and comment on formation of these specialists. If you do not generate stimuli for the people you are not interested in, and we note an enormous exchange rate in these reunions with the participation of a large number of young people who are allowed to pass through these pathologies ”. With the passage of all the consonant and interest by the minority entries ha ido in crescendoand are invited to wait for the definite jump in Europe to certify a new scenario more than esperanzador.

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