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The low influx of tourists, the marketing of products that do not respect the original recipe, and the lack of advertising are some of the challenges associated with Yolixpa’s traditional Cuetzalan del Progreso beverage production, which is considered a “cure for the soul or the heart.”

Maria Francisco Mina Mora, a woman from Masehual, from this municipality, devoted herself to the production of this ancestral drink with the same products that her family showed her when the drink was used only as medicine.

“We are in a time when people are returning to nature to heal our bodies. Yolixan is a drink that is a cure, but it is not completely known, it is not widespread, it is not worth using as an alternative medicine. which can be accessible to everyone, “he confirms, showing the variety of packaging available in his small shop.

It is believed that the origin of this drink was in the city of San Andres Jikuila, which is one of the cultural centers of the municipality, where every August a fair is organized to promote it. Some manufacturers suspect that artificial flavors and colors are beginning to integrate.

According to Marlene Cabrera, daughter of Maria Francisco, until recently, the preparation became known as a commercial drink, as previously it was only a traditional local drink, each family had its own recipe for self-consumption.


The word Yolixpa comes from the Nahuatl word yolix, which means breast or heart և “pajti” – medicine, so in its name it mentions that it is “medicine of the heart”.

According to the interlocutor, the drink was used by the ancestors, who knew the wisdom of medicinal plants, who prepared it by combining herbs with reed liqueur, rubbing it on the chest to alleviate the discomfort caused by the changes. district.

Over time, they added various herbs and realized that drinking a little of this drink cured some ailments such as gallbladder, respiratory tract, digestive problems, nerves, stress, menstrual cramps, impressions (fears), among other physical ailments.

There are a number of plants used in the region for Yolixpa, such as Maltese, chamomile, wormwood, lemon balm and mint.

“It’s worth going back to see what our Nahua ancestors left us, not just for the people of the region, but to share with other people in other places,” says Maria Franciska, pointing to other recipes that match mint and mud. added, among others.

Maria Franciska has a family-owned micro-enterprise called Productora Cabremi, which for more than 30 years has been dedicated to transforming citrus fruits, seeds, chili peppers, medicinal herbs, artificial foods, jams, sauces, wines, liqueurs into oxen. where the original recipe is respected with natural silver, cane liqueur, without preservatives, colors or artificial flavors.

In 2018, they innovated by creating Yolixpa tisane (tea) for people who do not consume alcohol, but who seek the benefits of the variety of herbs it contains, whose recipe varies between the original producing families and the varieties that they : use 25 to 32 different herbs.


According to the consulted manufacturers, one of the secrets of this drink is the maceration of herbs, which lasts an average of two months. Then add pilonzilo or honey, depending on the type of preparation, sweet, soft or hard, reaching up to 25 degrees of alcohol.

It is mostly green, although if piloncillo or panel (sugar is used in some recipes), it turns brown, and there are families who prefer to add ingredients other than grass, such as citrus fruits.

It is a drink used by the original Nahuatl tribes of the Sierra Norte in northeastern Puebla, and even European conquerors included it as a medicine after their arrival in these countries. Its components also help to improve digestion, calm the body after a long time of work, and even cure “empacho”.

It is not only used as a tea or drink, but is also used to relieve chest, neck and back muscle discomfort, soothes the feet, as it is used to relieve the symptoms of colds, and is used for bathing in hot water. facilitate childbirth, soothes cough.

In climates such as Quezala, Yolixpa is also used as a gastronomic ingredient, the most common of which are candles, creams, or skimos և frappe. Some people usually give children drinks to soothe anger, pet bites, or skin irritation caused by the weather or when they feel sad.

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