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What is genomic medicine?

– Genomic medicine is a branch of medicine that uses various specialties in mathematics, physics, genetics or analysis. The goal is to establish the relationship that our DNA must perform in four things: predisposition to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and more.

Another important thing in genomic medicine is the nutritional genomics, which allows us to determine the macros of our lives, such as how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates we need to eat individually, as well as the supplements for each patient, our metabolic rate. at the same level of vitamin D requirements for certain vitamins եթե if there is a risk of certain diseases. It also uses one of the most powerful tools in the world, which is pharmacogenomics. Today we can create the ideal medicine for the ideal patient in the ideal dosage.

That is, it focuses on prevention.

– Genomic medicine is about accuracy և prevention. Genetics does not determine us, it gives certain characteristics, but the environment is the trigger of the disease, if we know what risk I have, it is simply not presenting environmental factors to that gene so that it is not expressed. So It can be said that genomic medicine speaks of prevention.

How is genomic medicine used in beauty treatment?

“There is no patient who is better on the outside than on the inside.” For example, with genomics we make custom supplements, the dose needed for each patient և their level of aging. We use all specialties to keep our patient healthy, we can use cell therapy և internal rejuvenation.

The expression of beauty begins from within և is completed by all procedures approved by the FDA. (The Food and Drug Administration) to correct the beauty of some facial features և the body:.

What treatments are used at your clinic?

– We divided Medae Clinic into four areas DNA of the face From stain to aging, we do tissue engineering, today we can remove a piece of skin, grow cells, make them the children we inject. that: Capillary DNA that it is associated with all hair loss, not only androgenetic, but also immunological, which occurs with certain drugs, including alopecia; body DNA Based on nutrigenomics, part of the immunological analysis of our body and food intolerance internal DNA which is related to the whole series of more than 150 tests that can be performed for patients in need of resuscitation, post-cancer patients, serotherapy. We use state-of-the-art technology to keep a healthy patient in the body where he or she wants to be individualized.

What does hair treatment consist of?

It aims to improve the microenvironment of the follicle. There are many treatments that can be performed, only one does not work. “What capillary mesotherapy does is take it to a place where the drug, the vitamins, or the process rarely reach it immediately so that the cells there can use it for its ultimate purpose.

When it comes to hair restoration, the success of treatment consists of a number of treatments, such as mesotherapy.“With individualized formulas for each scalp, directly using vitamin D or lasers, depending on the pathology,” said Dr. Guerra.

Virtually all hair loss can be treated.

They are divided into two types, those that kill and those that do not. “Women suffer a lot from the latter, when menstruation goes down, when we have a child, due to hormonal changes, hypothyroidism, fatigue or stress, where hair restoration does not go fast, only by redirection, we can improve them by taking vitamins. There are scars where more ongoing treatment is needed, but as long as the follicle is alive, we can repair it today. Covid drives us crazy because 98% of patients suffer from hair loss“Everyone is going to restore it, unlike treatment, it is time for recovery,” said the specialist.

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