Zuckerberg prosthesis how to implant in Spain?

Varlvaro Sánchez Ferro y Vittorio Caggiano.

Unify motor intelligence and neuronal junto artificial intelligence permite “effectively replicate human anatomy and movement”. Así lo explica a Medical Redaction Varlvaro Sánchez Ferrocoordinator of the Committee of New Technologies of la Sociedad Española de Neurología (SEN)tras el desarrollo de una nueva artificial intelligence platform of musculoskeletal models. The platform is capable of advancing rehabilitation and patient care for patients. An advance that, Sánchez Ferro says, is applied to human teeth by “tres a siete agos”.

This is a great advance, thanks to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company, located at the Twente University of Pa Bajses Bajos, has many applications and among the “help” model problems that tengan los patients “These solutions are solutions,” said Sánchez Ferro. subraya neurologist who “can adjust to problem models that the person has, además de individualize rehabilitative treatments for those that are more precise and outgoing“.

For the neurologist, this is a type of advancement meaning an ante and a despot for Medicine, which can see the light “in a relatively fast period, inferior to three years, always and when the models work and are used only as support for the body of medical decisions“.

Varlvaro Sánchez: The Nurses

On the contrary, Sánchez Ferro said that “it is claimed that the most definite systems in the world are based on medical treatments and decisionscan be used at high speed, generally from scratch “.

Pacient Which patients benefit from this innovation?

One of these is the type of innovation in clinical practice, Sánchez Ferro detailing that the main beneficiaries are “people with lesiones musculares u óseas de cualquier tipo, about all relations with traumatism. Adjusting patients with motion-affecting cerebral infarction, multiple sclerosis and other neurological enzymes “. The reason why this neurologist’s innovation is” bastante generalizable to qualifi enfermedad “, apunda que las endermedades” de main application serin traumatismos, cerebral infarcts and multiple sclerosis“.

The MyoSuite Meta platform.

One of the words that is added to the sum Vittorio Caggianodirector of the MyoSuite Technical Program, which subraya a Medical Redaction that “at the moment, it is intended to replicate the general well-being of human beings. Without embargo, it has been demonstrated that it can be found simulating the wall of muscular force in major personsthe tendon rotations or the use of assistive devices “. In this sense, Caggiano assures himself that” opening the door to the ability to explore these studios hampers the basic hermeneutics and is the only valid example and personalized “.

Musculoskeletal models and artificial intelligence

This platform, denominated in MyoSuite, allows different parts: for one download, the desarrollo of musculoskeletal models y, por otro lado, la artificial intelligence such as impulses. From now on, Caggiano explicitly says, “a simulation about the peripheral nervous system being constructed musculoskeletal muscle simulations of the human codo. Basically simulations allow the effect that muscle activation has on the movements and interactions with the inside. If you deal with a different problem, including the most sensitive motion, you need to coordinate all the muscles of the continuous and continuous form “.

Vittorio Caggiano: “It has been demonstrated that artificial intelligence can be created by error and error to realize the target network, which produces smooth and coordinated movements”

As for Caggiano, “all of them have very concomitant interests when it comes to surgery and consolidating intelligent motor behavior, which can be done simply by making people adaptive movimientos aprenden nuevas habilidadesA adaptation of traumas, injuries“motor vehicle and human rehabilitation”, concluded.

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