‘Zurdo’ Ramírez, the Mexican marketing reposted by Canelo and temido by Bivol

Zurdo Ram & # xed; rez celebrating his victory over Sullivan Barrera in July of a & # xf1; o pass.  (Sye Williams / Golden Boy / Getty Images)

Zurdo Ramírez celebrating his victory over Sullivan Barrera in July last year. (Sye Williams / Golden Boy / Getty Images)

Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez tiene en la mira a Dmitry Bivol from which a lot of time. It fires its mandator against which the Canal vlvarez appears in the window. El ruso, as era is great, tomó la pelea con el Canelo pues era lo most convenient para sus bolsillos. If you play the lottery, in the ring or on the bench, you have a ghost that persists. It is Mexican, inviting and advertising an opportunity by the world.

Originally, Zurdo and Bivol tended to have news that the Mexican boy was defeated by Yunieski González last December, victoria that the door was opened for sale by the world title of the Boxeo World Association. But the millions of dollars can be spent on the contract against the skin Canelo hicieron que Bivol no tuviera problem alguno in accepting the offer and poster to Zurdowhich is constantly generated by having it displaced with very little institutional facilitation

“It simply came to our notice then. We are waiting for Dmitry Bivol’s answer, I am waiting for Canelo’s answer. Pero si no es Bivol, porque tiene miedo, va a ser alguien más ”, declared Ramírez en febrero al canal Fino Boxing. Luego, cuando la pelea entre .lvarez y Dmitry se cerró, reforzó su postura. “Do not go with the box that you do not want to hack a ladder and pelvis the camp with algae that comes from the bathroom”advertised on the Little Giant Boxing channel.

Mazatleco is still a perfect record of 43-0. There is no boxeader that aims to clear the invisible record of Floyd Mayweather Jr., which results in a 50-0. In 2016, Zurdo hizo histori al al converted into the first Mexican superhero world wrestling champion, led by Arthur Abraham in a German-designated car. or to get what it’s representing, it does not gain a place as a cartel of large cartels.

Realizing five defenses out of your four corners to subsect the complete weight in 2019, division in which all have no need for a titular opportunity. Retraining, Ramírez has the message that the gustaria pelear tambien with el propio Caneloas the tapestry has made it clear that he intends to face Mexican rivals, such as Zurdo as well as the junior middleweight champion Jaime Munguía.

Ramírez cambia de promoter en 2021. Dejó las filas de Top Rank to sign with Golden Boy Promotions de carscar de la Hoya. It is also the ally of Artur Beterbiev, the unified world champion, who is united with the company of the legendary Bob Arum. Pero, por otro lado, lo acercó a Dmitry Bivol, promoted by Eddie Hearn, empresario que have a commercial stake with DAZNthe multidisciplinary platform that also transmits Golden Boy games.

Ram & # xed; rez fue el primer campe & # xf3; n mundial mexicano de peso supermediano.  (Sye Williams / Golden Boy / Getty Images)

Ramírez fue el primer campeón mundial mexicano de peso supermediano. (Sye Williams / Golden Boy / Getty Images)

Without embargo, Bivol does not accept combos and visto in perspective, hizo lo mejor: insure buenas ganancias and retouvo el campeonato. The Russian monarch and Ramirez have all the sparring computers. If you want to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Ramírez’s family, visit Venelo’s canoe.

The tamaño suele ser la gran diferencia cundo se enfrentan dos buenos boxeadores. For this motivation, Canelo (1.73 mts.) Goes to Bivol. The difference in stature, weight and benefit benefit rotundally the Russian p engil in its interest with vlvarez. But with Ramírez no news of this type: Zurdo mide 1.89 by 1.83 by Dmitry. As soon as the papers are inverted, no matter the height factor, Ramírez rehydrates more than 175 pounds and the series weighs as much as Bivol’s diary.

Tampoco can be seen as Ramírez takes care of a commercial style. Its seeds are not spectacular and envergadura not in ayuda, can in Mexico always have plenty of peacocks of the category categories, in which only the authentic lugia of puñetazos debiding in the meadow of the boxedores. El Zurdo has been created in the field, much less revised to a massive level, but with resolutive qualities: constant and constant peg that the permite cancels out its rivals. With 30 years, live the best moment of your car and do not want to get to Bivol as soon as your shoes cross through a ring.


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